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6 Steps to Change Ownership of Google Form (2024)

Last Updated: Tue Feb 27 2024

Don’t know how to change ownership of Google Forms? It’s like all the other Google apps.

Don’t worry, I have breakdown the process in 6 simple steps for you.


  • Access the desired Google Form
  • Click on the three-dot (⋮) menu
  • Click on “Add Collaborators” from the list
  • Input the new owner email to add as editor
  • Confirm sharing permissions
  • Initiate the ownership transfer

Step 1: Access the desired Google Form

Navigate to the Google Form you wish to transfer ownership of. Ensure you are logged into the correct Google account that currently owns the form.

Red arrow pointing towards a google form

Step 2: Click on the three-dot (⋮) menu

Locate and click on the three vertical dots located at the top-right corner of the Google Form page. This will open a drop-down menu with various options.

Red arrow pointing towards a three-dot menu inside a Google Form

Step 3: Click on “Add Collaborators” from the list

From the drop-down menu, select the “Add collaborators” option. This will open a pop-up window where you can manage the access to your Google Form.

Red arrow pointing towards “add collaborators” option from dropdown menu inside a Google Form

Step 4: Input the new owner email to add as editor

  • If the person you are tring to change the ownership to has not been added as a collaborator, you need to add him/her as an editor first. If they are already added, move on to next step (step 5).
  • In the pop-up window, enter the email address of the person you wish to transfer the ownership to in the provided field. Make sure to set their role as “Editor.”
  • Click “Send” to share the form with them. They will receive an email notification.
Two red arrows pointing towards “edit” dropdown option and the “send” button inside a Google Form

Step 5: Go to the same list and click on the dropdown menu

After sending the invitation, go back to the “Add collaborators” section by clicking on the three-dot menu again. You will now see the email of the person you've just invited under the “People with access” section. Click on the dropdown menu next to their email.

Red arrow pointing towards a dropdown menu next to emails inside a Google Form

Step 6: Click on “Transfer Ownership”

  • In the dropdown menu, select the “Transfer Ownership” option.
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear, and you will need to click “Send Invitation.”
Red arrow pointing towards the “Transfer Ownership” option

You’ll get a warning type of pop-up once you initiate the “Transfer Ownership”. Click “Yes” if you are all okay with this transferring.

The Pop-Up menu with a warning before changing the owner of the google form

The person will receive another email to accept the ownership transfer. Once they accept, they will become the new owner of the Google Form, and your role will change to an editor.

That’s it!



Transfer Ownership of Google Form Outside Organization

Transferring ownership of a Google Form outside your organization isn't directly possible due to Google's security policies.

However, a workaround involves using Google Workspace's shared drive feature:

  • First, upgrade the external user's account to Google Workspace Business Standard and verify domain ownership.
  • Then, create a shared drive and move the Google Form into it. This step centralizes the form in a controlled environment.
  • Next, add members from your organization to the shared drive to maintain access.
  • Finally, transfer the form to an internal user's 'My Drive'. After completion, you can downgrade the account.

This method, while indirect, effectively circumvents the limitations of direct ownership transfer across different domains.

FAQs about Transferring Ownership of Google Form

  • Can multiple people own a Google Form at the same time?

    No, a Google Form cannot have multiple owners simultaneously. Only one individual can be the owner of the form at any given time.

  • Can I cancel an ownership transfer once the invitation is sent?

    Once the recipient accepts the ownership transfer invitation for a Google Form, it cannot be canceled. Be sure about the decision before sending the invitation.

  • How to Transfer Ownership of Google Form on Mobile Devices

    Transferring ownership of a Google Form is not possible on mobile devices. This action requires access to Google Forms through a desktop web browser.