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2 Ways to Check Your Submitted Google Forms

Last Updated: Thu Apr 11 2024

There are 2 ways to check your submitted Google Forms.

  • If the creator enabled the “Allow response editing” option, you can see the “Edit your response” link on the Confirmation Screen. From there you can check your submitted Google Form (and edit your response also!)
  • If the creator enables the “Send responders a copy of their response” option, you’ll have a copy of your submission in your email after submitting the form.

Let's dive into these simple ways to track your Google Forms submissions!

Understand Your Limitations

Right before we move on to the methods to check your submitted Google Forms, I need you to understand your limitations.

Normally, after submitting a Google Form, your options are quite limited.

You might only see a confirmation message like "Your response has been recorded," with no direct link to view or edit your responses.

This is the default setting for most Google Forms.

Post submission preview of Google Form with the message "Your response has been recorded

The ability to view or edit your responses largely depends on how the form was set up by its creator.

Always read the form instructions carefully before submitting, as they might contain important information about response tracking and editing.

Now if the form creator has enabled some options for you, there are 2 methods by which you can see your submitted Google Forms. Let’s discuss both!

Method 1: Through Confirmation Email

In the ‘Settings’ tab, there is an option under ‘Responses’ called “Send responders a copy of their response”.

If the creator chooses ‘Always’, then you will get a copy of your submitted form with your answer. This copy will be sent to the email you are submitting the form with.

In the settings tab, under the responses section, the option called “Send responders a copy of their response” is highlighted with a red box frame. There is a red arrow pointing towards the ‘Always’ button.

But if the creator chooses ‘When requested’:

Red arrow pointing towards the “When requested” option.

You have to toggle this option of “Send me a copy of my responses.” to get a copy:

Red arrow pointing towards the toggle option on the left of “Send me a copy of my responses.”

Basically, the creator allows you to decide whether you want to receive a copy of your response.

You will get an email in your inbox like this:

Preview of email inbox with the confirmation message of filling a Google Form.

The copy of your submitted form will look like this:

Preview of filled Google Form in the email inbox.

This is one way of seeing your submitted Google Forms via email confirmation.

Method 2: Post-Submission Confirmation Screen

What if the creator turned off the option to send responders a copy of their response?

Send responders a copy of their response is turned off in Google Form settings.

The creator may allow the respondents to edit their responses:

Red arrow pointing towards the turned-on toggle of response editing.

In this case, after you submit the Google Form, you’ll see a link that says “Edit your response”:

Red arrow pointing towards the “Edit your response” link.

If you click on this link, you’ll be redirected to the original form. Here you can see your form with the answers you just submitted.

You can take a look and confirm if needed. You can also edit any of the answers if you want.

These are 2 methods by which you can check your submitted Google Forms.

Contact the Form Creator

If none of the above methods work, your last resort is to reach out directly to the form creator or manager.

They might be able to provide you with your responses or enable the necessary settings.

Personal Insights and Tips

If you're a frequent user of Google Forms, keeping a personal record of your responses might be helpful, especially for important forms.

You can do this by copying your answers into a document before submitting them or taking a screenshot of your completed form.

So there you have it! While Google Forms doesn't inherently provide a straightforward way to view submissions, there are workarounds depending on the form settings.

I hope this guide helps you the next time you're in a "Did I really write that?" moment.


  • Q: Where do my Google Form responses go?

    A: Responses to Google Forms are stored in a Google spreadsheet within Google Drive.

  • Q: Is my Google Form saved?

    A: Google Forms autosaves your progress for 30 days in your account. You can resume later without starting over. Note: Autosave doesn't work offline.

  • Q: How do I recover my Google Form responses?

    A: Deleted responses in Google Forms are permanently lost, as Google Forms lacks version history like Docs or Sheets.