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How to Duplicate Google Forms (3 Ways) - 2024

Last Updated: Thu Jun 27 2024

In 3 different methods, we will show you how to duplicate Google Forms.

It’s good to have a backup of your Google Form for many scenarios. So without wasting your time, let’s dive in!

Method 1: Duplicate a Google Form with the Built-in Settings

Step 1: Open the Google Form You Want to Duplicate

Go to the Google Forms website. Locate and open the form you wish to duplicate from your list of forms.

red arrow pointing to a recent form in google forms

Step 2: Click on the three vertical dots

Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the form interface. A drop down menu will appear.

red arrow pointing to three dots

Step 3: Select "Make a copy" from the dropdown menu

Step 3: Enter a name for the duplicate form

red arrow pointing to the name field in a pop-up while duplicating a Google Form

If you want to share it with the same collaborators, tick the box you can see in the image below.

red arrow pointing to “Share it with the same people” check button while duplicating google form

That’s it! It’s the easiest way of duplicating a Google Form.



Method 2: Duplicate a Google Form from Google Drive

Step 1: Locate Your Form in Google Drive

Go to Google Drive.

google drive homepage

Use the search bar or navigate through your folders to find the form you want to duplicate.

red arrow pointing to search bar in google drive

Step 2: Make a Copy of the Form

Once you found your form, click on three dots right after the title. A menu will appear.

red arrow pointing to three dots after google form title

Choose "Make a copy" from the dropdown menu.

red arrow pointing to "Make a copy" of a google form

Rename the duplicated form to avoid confusion by right-clicking the new form three-dots again and select "Rename."

red arrow pointing to Rename option of a google form


Method 3: Duplicate a Template in Google Forms

Step 1: Access Available Templates

Open Google Forms.

Click on the "Template gallery" at the top of the page to view available templates.

red arrow pointing to "Template gallery" in google form

Step 2: Duplicate a Template

Choose any template that suits your needs by clicking on it.

screenshot of google form template gallery

Once the template opens, click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. Now, you see the drop down menu again.

red arrow pointing to three dots

From the menu, Select "Make a copy" to create a duplicate of the template for your use.

red arrow pointing to "Make a copy" of google form


Testing and Customizing Your Duplicated Forms

After duplicating your form, you might want to customize it for a specific purpose:

Edit Questions: Modify the form questions and options to suit your new requirements.

red arrow pointing to question field in google form

Adjust Settings: Check the form settings for response collection, presentation, and restrictions.

red arrow pointing to ‘Settings’ tab in google form

Preview: Click the eye icon to preview the form and ensure all changes are correct.

red arrow pointing to eyeball icon in google form

Sharing Your New Form

Ready to share?

Click the "Send" button and choose how to distribute your form:

red arrow pointing to ‘Send’ button

Email: Send directly to respondents' emails.

Link: Create a shareable link.

Embed: Generate HTML code to embed the form on a website.

By using these three duplication methods, you can efficiently repurpose and scale your Google Forms to meet diverse needs. Each method offers specific benefits depending on your situation, whether you're working directly in Google Forms, managing files in Google Drive, or utilizing ready-made templates.