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How to Embed Google Forms in Email (4 Steps)

Last Updated: Fri Jun 21 2024

In 3 super easy steps, we will show you how to embed Google Forms in email.

Embedding Google Form in your email is an efficient way to gather feedback, conduct surveys, or engage with your audience directly through their inbox.

Let’s dive in!


  • Create Your Google Form
  • Customize Your Form
  • Embed Your Form In Email

Step 1: Create Your Google Form

Open Google Forms. Click on the "Blank form" to start a new form.

red arrow pointing to ‘Blank’ template in google forms

Click on the “Untitled form“ to give your form a title.

red arrow pointing to untitled form field

Click on the question field to add a question to your form.

red arrow pointing to question field

Add your questions using various formats such as multiple choice, checkboxes, or dropdown menus. Click on the dropdown arrow on the right side of the question. Then you can see the various formats of question type.

red arrow pointing to type of question dropdown arrow

Example Question Types:

Multiple Choice: "What is your preferred work environment?" with options like 'Team-oriented', 'Independent', 'Flexible', and 'Structured'.

Checkbox: "Select the skills you are proficient in:" with options like 'Communication', 'Technical expertise', 'Leadership', and 'Creativity'.

Dropdown: "Choose your preferred method of communication:" with options like 'Email', 'Phone', 'In-person meetings', and 'Instant messaging'.

Linear Scale: "On a scale of 1 to 5, how important is work-life balance to you?" with 1 being 'Not important' and 5 being 'Extremely important'.

Step 2: Customize Your Form

Theme and Appearance:

Click on the "Customize Theme" button in the top right corner.

red arrow pointing to the palette icon to customize the form

Customize text styles, add a header image, choose a form color, and select a background color.

two red arrow respectively pointing to text and header and two rectangle respectively highlight color and background color in the theme of google form

Preview Your Form:

Click the "eye" icon at the top right to see how your form looks to respondents.

red arrow pointing to eye icon to preview the form

Step 3: Embed Your Form In Email

Once you're happy with your form, click the "Send" button in the top right corner.

red arrow pointing to send button

In the send form menu, select the email icon.

red arrow pointing to email icon

Enter the recipient's email addresses, add a subject line, and a message.

red arrow pointing to an email in email field

Check the "Include form in email" box to embed the form directly in the email body.

red arrow pointing to “Include form in email” when it checked



Embedding Google Forms in emails is a powerful way to engage your audience and streamline data collection.

By following these steps and incorporating advanced tips, you can create and share effective forms that yield high response rates. Test your forms, track the responses, and continuously optimize your approach for the best results.