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How to Bold Text in Google Forms

Last Updated: Mon Jul 08 2024

In 5 simple steps, this guide will show you how to bold text in Google Forms.

Highlighting important information enhances readability and engagement.

So let’s dive in and learn how to bold text in Google Forms!


  • Create a New Google Form
  • Add a Title, Description, and Questions
  • Select the Text to Bold
  • Apply the Bold Formatting
  • Preview the Bold Text

Step 1: Create a New Google Form

Open Google Forms. Click the plus sign under "Start a new form" to create a blank Google Form.

red arrow pointing to ‘Blank’ template in google forms

Step 2: Add a Title, Description, and Questions

Click on the "Untitled form" text to enter a title.

red arrow pointing to untitled form field

And click on “Form description” to add a Form description for your form.

red arrow pointing to “Form description”

Click on the "Untitled Question" field to start adding your questions.

red arrow pointing to untitled question field

Click on the dropdown arrow right to the question.

red arrow pointing to type of question dropdown arrow

Use the dropdown menu to choose the type of question (e.g., Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Dropdown).

dropdown menu shows the types of question

Now add options to your questions by clicking on “Option 1”

red arrow pointing to option 1

Step 3: Select the Text to Bold

To select a word, double-click it. In the following image I wanted to bold the word “Bold”.

red arrow pointing to ‘Bold’

For a specific text portion, click and drag your cursor.

red arrow pointing to “Bold Text”

For an entire line or paragraph, click at the beginning, hold "Shift," and use the arrow keys to extend the selection.

red arrow pointing to “Bold Text in Google Form”

Step 4: Apply the Bold Formatting

With the text highlighted, click the "B" button in the formatting menu that appears.

red arrow pointing to B

Step 5: Preview the Bold Text

Your selected text will now appear bold.

red arrow pointing to the word ‘Bold’ when it is bolded

You can click the eye icon at the top-right corner to preview how it looks to respondents.

red arrow pointing to eye icon to preview the form


Why Bold Text Matters

Bold text can draw attention to critical sections, emphasize instructions, and enhance the overall user experience. Proper use of bolding can significantly improve response rates and data quality by making your forms clearer and more professional.

Advanced Formatting Tips

A/B Testing

To determine the impact of bold text on your form's effectiveness:

Create Two Versions:

Make two versions of your form—one with bold text and one without.

Distribute Both Versions:

Send both versions to similar audience groups.

Analyze Results:

Compare response rates and completion quality between the two versions.

Accessibility Considerations

Bold text can improve readability for users with visual impairments or dyslexia. Here are some tips:

Use Bold Sparingly:

Only bold essential information to avoid clutter and confusion.

Combine with Other Accessibility Features:

Use larger fonts and high-contrast colors to enhance readability further.

Advanced Formatting Techniques

Google Forms has some limitations, but you can use external tools to enhance your forms:

Google Docs Integration:

Design your text in Google Docs and copy-paste it into your Google Form.

HTML Embedding:

Use HTML formatting within Google Forms for more advanced text styling options.


Bolding text in Google Forms is a simple yet effective way to enhance your form's readability and engagement. By following these steps and considering advanced techniques, you can create professional, accessible, and highly effective forms.