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How to Add Checkbox Grid In Google Form (7 Steps)

Last Updated: Fri Jun 21 2024

Creating a Checkbox Grid in Google Forms is super easy. In 8 simple steps, let us show you how to add a checkbox grid question In Google Forms.


  • Open Your Google Form
  • Add a New Question
  • Select Checkbox Grid From Question Types
  • Configure Rows and Columns
  • Customize Grid Settings
  • Preview and Test Your Form
  • Share Your Form

Step 1: Open Your Google Form

Open Google Forms. Click the “+” icon to create a new form.

red arrow pointing to ‘+’ icon in google forms

Step 2: Add a New Question

Now, click on the Untitled Question field to add your first question. This is where you will set up your Checkbox Grid.

red arrow pointing to ‘Question’ field in google form

Step 3: Select Checkbox Grid From Question Types

Click on the dropdown arrow to dropdown menu where it defaults to “Multiple choice”.

red arrow pointing to type of question dropdown arrow

Select ‘Checkbox grid’ from the list of options. This changes the format of your question to a grid layout where multiple responses can be selected per row.

red arrow pointing to “Checkbox grid” in dropdown menu

Step 4: Configure Rows and Columns

Enter Row Labels: These are the items or questions that respondents will evaluate. Click on the “Row 1” field to start adding your items/questions.

red arrow pointing to “Row 1” box for adding checkbox grid items

Enter Column Labels: These represent the possible choices for each row item. Click on “Column 1” box to add options.

red arrow pointing to “Column 1” box for adding checkbox grid options

Ensure each label is clear and concise for the best respondent understanding.

Step 5: Customize Grid Settings

If you need responses in every row to ensure complete data collection, check the box labeled “Require a response in each row”.

red arrow pointing to the toggle of “Require a response in each row”

If applicable, click on three dots in the bottom right corner and Shuffle Rows.

Select the “Shuffle row order” to randomize the order of rows for each respondent, which can help in reducing bias.

red arrow pointing to “Shuffle row order”

Step 6: Preview and Test Your Form

Before sending your form, click on the Eyeball Icon at the top of the page to preview your form. This lets you view the form as a respondent, ensuring everything appears as intended.

red arrow pointing to eye icon to preview the form

Step 7: Share Your Form

If you're satisfied with the form, Click on the Send Button at the top right of the form editor.

red arrow pointing to send button

You can choose to send your form via email, a link, or even embed it on a website.

three red arrow respectively pointing to the email icon, link icon, and embed in website icon in a google form

Hope our guide helped you to create a Google Form with Checkbox Grid questions.