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7 Best Soda PDF Alternatives (2024)

Last Updated: Thu Apr 11 2024

In our search, we've noticed that those looking for an alternative to Soda PDF often run into these problems:

  • Some features are too complicated.
  • Occasional slow response times.
  • More affordable options are available from other platforms.
  • Advanced features are locked behind a premium version.
  • Sluggish performance in cloud and application versions.
  • Mobile applications missing certain features.

If you're here, it probably means you're facing some of these frustrations too. We've looked through various PDF editors and found the 7 best alternatives to Soda PDF that tackle these specific issues.

Top 7 Alternatives to Soda PDF:

1. Supatool

Supatool Overview

Supatool emerges as a superior alternative to Soda PDF, offering a comprehensive suite of PDF and document management tools. It combats the complexities and limitations of Soda PDF with its intuitive interface, advanced editing features, and robust security, making it an ideal choice for both individual and enterprise-level users.

Supatool Key Features

  • Advanced PDF Editing: Includes text modification, image insertion, and layout adjustments.

  • Collaboration: Real-time teamwork capabilities for efficient workflow.

  • Offline Capability: Enables working without constant internet connectivity.

  • Security: Adheres to compliance standards like HIPAA, ISO27001, SOC2.

  • Cloud Storage Integration: Smooth integration with popular cloud services.

  • E-Signatures: Secure and legally binding electronic signatures for documents.

Supatool Pros

  • Comprehensive PDF management capabilities, addressing the complexity in Soda PDF.
  • Offline functionality and strong security focus, enhancing usability and compliance.
  • User-friendly interface, making it accessible for users at all skill levels.
  • Reliable customer support, ensuring quick and efficient assistance.

Supatool Cons

  • Extensive features could be overwhelming for new users.
  • Potential compatibility issues with niche third-party apps.

Supatool Pricing

Starter: $49 p/mo

Business: $249 p/mo

Enterprise: Custom

Soda PDF vs. Supatool

Matter of DifferenceSoda PDFSupatool
Feature SetOffers PDF conversion, editing, OCR, and e-signature, with cloud integration.Advanced PDF editing, offline capability, and secure e-signatures.
User Interface & ExperienceSeamless switching between desktop and web apps; user-friendly for various PDF tasks.User-friendly interface with a focus on comprehensive PDF management.
Customization OptionsSupports creating/editing Excel sheets and PPTs; multiple file format compatibility.Advanced text modification, image insertion, and layout adjustments.
Pricing & Plans14 days: $1.97, Yearly: $58.92.Starter: $49/mo, Business: $249/mo, Enterprise: Custom.
Customer Support & ResourcesOffers automation for PDF analyzing and filling; digital signature integration.Strong security focus adhering to compliance standards; reliable customer support.


UPDF Overview

As an alternative to Soda PDF, UPDF addresses common concerns with complicated features and slow response times through its efficient software design and performance optimization. It offers a modern, minimalist UI that enhances PDF editing, merging, splitting, and annotation, making it an ideal tool for users in search of simplicity and efficiency.

UPDF Key Features

  • Comprehensive PDF editing, merging, and splitting capabilities.
  • Dark mode for enhanced viewing in low-light environments.
  • Page cropping and customizable editing tools.


  • Efficient cloud syncing allows access to documents from anywhere.
  • Perpetual license option avoids the need for ongoing subscriptions.
  • AI-powered features bring advanced technology integration to PDF management.


  • Cloud storage limitations may pose challenges post one-year mark.
  • Occasional performance issues with intensive AI use.
  • Dependency on internet connection for optimal functionality.

UPDF Pricing


UPDF Pro: $52.99/ Perpetual & $32.99/ Year

UPDF Pro + UPDF AI: $83.99/ Perpetual & $65.99/ Year

UPDF AI Standard: $59.00/ Year & $9.00/ Month

UPDF AI Unlimited: $99.00/ Year & $15.00/ Month

Enterprise: $89.00 / Perpetual


UPDF Pro for Individuals: $39.99/ Perpetual & $24.99/ Year

UPDF Pro for Enterprises: $69.00 / Perpetual

UPDF AI Standard: $39.00/ Year & $6.00/ Month

UPDF AI Unlimited: $79.00/ Year & $10.00/ Month

UPDF Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.4/5 (27+ reviews)

Capterra: 3.8/5 (5+ reviews)

Soda PDF vs. UPDF

Matter of DifferenceSoda PDFUPDF
Feature SetComprehensive PDF tools including OCR, cloud storage integration, and e-signature.Extensive editing features, OCR, AI assistance, and security options.
User Interface & ExperienceUser-friendly across multiple devices, enabling easy document editing and overwriting.Accessible UI with AI integration for enhanced interaction with PDFs.
Customization OptionsAllows editing and creating various document types; limited font options.Comprehensive text and image editing while maintaining original formatting.
Pricing & Plans14 days: $1.97, Yearly: $58.92.Individual: $32.99/year, Enterprise: $89.00/perpetual, Education discounts available.
Customer Support & ResourcesQuick merging of PDFs and efficient text extraction; limited editing functionality.Offers frequent updates with new features and bug fixes; advanced OCR and form editing.

3. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Overview

For those seeking an alternative to the occasionally slow and complex Soda PDF, Adobe Acrobat offers a streamlined experience. Its user-friendly interface and rapid processing capabilities ensure efficient document handling, significantly enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.

Adobe Acrobat Key Features

  • High-speed editing, signing, and printing.
  • Mobile and web apps for document management on the go.
  • Cloud storage for easy document access and sharing.

Adobe Acrobat Pros

  • User-friendly interface for efficient navigation.
  • Comprehensive editing and security features.
  • Cloud integration facilitates teamwork.

Adobe Acrobat Cons

  • The cost may be prohibitive for some users.
  • Advanced features locked behind the Pro version.

Adobe Acrobat Pricing

Acrobat Standard: $12.99 p/mo

Acrobat Pro: $19.99 p/mo

Adobe Acrobat Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.5/5 (3319+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.7/5 (117+ reviews)

Soda PDF vs. Adobe Acrobat

Matter of DifferenceSoda PDFAdobe Acrobat
Feature SetDiverse PDF tools including OCR and cloud integration; limited font options.Comprehensive management with advanced editing and security features.
User Interface & ExperienceUser-friendly, suitable for various tasks; seamless app switching.Professional-grade interface with robust editing options; might be complex for beginners.
Customization OptionsSupports multiple file formats and document types; efficient document handling.Extensive toolkit for organizing and searching documents; high resolution.
Pricing & Plans14 days: $1.97, Yearly: $58.92.Acrobat Standard: $12.99/mo, Acrobat Pro: $19.99/mo.
Customer Support & ResourcesOffers automation and digital signature integration; daily usage limits.Adobe cloud storage for document management; multilingual support.

4. Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF Overview

Nitro PDF offers a comprehensive set of tools for PDF management, standing out as a strong alternative to Soda PDF. It caters to users seeking more efficient and integrated PDF solutions, particularly in business environments, with its emphasis on eSigning, digital workflows, and analytics.

Nitro PDF Key Features

  • Comprehensive Editing Tools: Enables editing, creating, and converting PDFs.

  • Cloud Integration: Integrates with services like Google Drive and Dropbox for easy access.

  • E-Signature Workflow: Simplifies the process of signing documents digitally.

  • Business Analytics: Provides insights for ROI and sustainability efforts.

  • Batch Processing: Allows efficient handling of multiple documents simultaneously.

Nitro PDF Pros

  • Seamless integrations with cloud services and Microsoft products.
  • Efficient editing tools, enhancing document management capabilities.
  • Reasonable pricing with a one-time payment option.
  • User-friendly interface, suitable for a variety of business needs.

Nitro PDF Cons

  • Limited features in the Mac version compared to Windows.
  • Some limitations in the free trial, impacting user experience.
  • The interface may be complex for some users, requiring a learning curve.

Nitro PDF Pricing

Nitro PDF Pro: $143.99

Nitro PDF Pro 4-pack: $539.97

Nitro PDF Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.3/5 (273+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 (529+ reviews)

Soda PDF vs. Nitro PDF

Matter of DifferenceSoda PDFNitro PDF
Feature SetComprehensive tools for PDF handling, including OCR and e-signature support.Extensive editing tools, cloud integration, and e-signature workflow.
User Interface & ExperienceVersatile and user-friendly for various PDF tasks; mobile and desktop availability.User-friendly interface, but the Mac version has limited features compared to Windows.
Customization OptionsSupports creating/editing Excel sheets and PPTs; multiple file format compatibility.Efficient batch processing; seamless integration with Microsoft products.
Pricing & Plans14 days: $1.97, Yearly: $58.92.Nitro PDF Pro: $143.99, Nitro PDF Pro 4-pack: $539.97.
Customer Support & ResourcesQuick merging of PDFs; efficient text extraction and recognition; limited editing function.Offers business analytics for ROI and sustainability; limitations in free trial.

5. DocHub PDF

DocHub PDF Overview

DocHub PDF offers a user-friendly and efficient alternative for those frustrated by Soda PDF's complexity and performance issues. Its easy-to-use interface and seamless Google Drive integration make document editing, signing, and management straightforward, addressing Soda PDF users' desire for simplicity and reliability.

DocHub PDF Key Features

  • Simple editing, annotation, and electronic signature tools.
  • Integration with Google Drive for easy document access.
  • Affordable pricing suitable for all business sizes.

DocHub PDF Pros

  • Streamlines contract management and document signing processes.
  • Enhances team collaboration with shared workspaces.
  • Affordable solution, offering significant cost savings.

DocHub PDF Cons

  • Limited mobile accessibility challenges for on-the-go users.
  • Customer support responsiveness can be improved.
  • No batch-sending functionality, impacting large-scale document management.

DocHub Pricing

Free: Available

Pro: $14 p/mo

DocHub Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.6/5 (131+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.8/5 (33+ reviews)

Soda PDF vs. DocHub

Matter of DifferenceSoda PDFDocHub
Feature SetComprehensive PDF tools with OCR, cloud integration, and collaboration features.Efficient PDF editing and creation, with strong cloud and template customization capabilities.
User Interface & ExperienceVersatile and user-friendly across various devices; supports desktop and mobile platforms.User-friendly interface, focusing on ease of use and efficient document management.
Customization OptionsSupports a wide range of document types; limited font options.Template customization enhances document creation flexibility.
Pricing & Plans14 days: $1.97, Yearly: $58.92.Free version available, Pro: $14/mo.
Customer Support & ResourcesDigital signature integration and automation for PDF analyzing; daily usage limits.Secure workflows ensuring document integrity; some challenges in document management.

6. PDFfiller

PDFfiller Overview

PDFfiller offers a compelling solution for those seeking an alternative to Soda PDF's complex features and slow response times. Its streamlined interface and robust functionality, including document editing, e-signatures, and cloud storage integration, cater to the demand for an efficient and accessible PDF management tool.

PDFfiller Key Features

  • Comprehensive editing, form filling, and signature tools.
  • Seamless cloud storage integration for easy document access.
  • Mobile application for managing PDFs on the move.

PDFfiller Pros

  • Intuitive design facilitates easy navigation and document handling.
  • Effective document management and collaboration features boost productivity.
  • Strong security measures protect sensitive information.

PDFfiller Cons

  • The pricing model may deter some potential users.
  • Initial complexity for users unfamiliar with extensive PDF tools.
  • Reliance on a stable internet connection may limit accessibility.

PDFfiller Pricing

Basic: $8 p/mo

Plus: $12 p/mo

Premium: $15 p/mo

PDFfiller Customer Ratings and Reviews:

Capterra: 4.6/5 (866+ reviews)

Soda PDF vs. PDFfiller

Matter of DifferenceSoda PDFPDFfiller
Feature SetOffers OCR, e-signature, and cloud storage integration; versatile for various tasks.Supports PDF conversion, online editing, e-signatures, and watermarking.
User Interface & ExperienceUser-friendly, suitable for various PDF tasks; mobile and desktop availability.Cloud-based with an efficient, user-friendly interface for editing and autofill.
Customization OptionsSupports multiple file formats and document types; efficient document handling.Offers industry-leading compliance and security technologies for data protection.
Pricing & Plans14 days: $1.97, Yearly: $58.92.Basic: $8/mo, Plus: $12/mo, Premium: $15/mo.
Customer Support & ResourcesQuick merging of PDFs; efficient text extraction and recognition; limited editing function.Versatile for both personal and business use, with a focus on professional document creation.

7. PDFescape

PDFescape Overview

PDFescape offers a streamlined alternative to Soda PDF, particularly for users frustrated by complicated features and sluggish performance. With its web-based platform, PDFescape simplifies PDF editing and form filling without the need for advanced software installation, making it a go-to choice for efficient and accessible PDF management.

PDFescape Key Features

  • Comprehensive PDF editing and creation tools.
  • Digital signature integration and form-filling capabilities.
  • Cloud storage integration for easy document access.

PDFescape Pros

  • User-friendly interface facilitates quick adaptation for new users.
  • Free version available, providing essential features without cost.
  • Lightweight software minimizes system resource usage.

PDFescape Cons

  • Limited features in the free version, with advanced tools locked behind a paywall.
  • Performance can lag when handling large files or complex tasks.
  • Dependent on an internet connection, limiting offline access.

PDFescape Pricing

Free: Available.

Premium: $5.99 p/mo

Ultimate: $8.99 p/mo

PDFescape Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.1/5 (66+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 (11+ reviews)

Soda PDF vs. PDFescape

Matter of DifferenceSoda PDFPDFescape
Feature SetAdvanced PDF creation/editing and OCR capabilities.Online editing, form filling, and annotation tools.
User Interface & ExperienceUser-friendly but some complex features; occasional slow response.Simplified drag-and-drop interface, suitable for quick edits and form-filling.
Customization OptionsOffers document encryption and a variety of format editing.Provides basic online editing capabilities and password protection.
Pricing & PlansSTANDARD: $12 p/mo; PRO: $15 p/mo; BUSINESS: $20 p/mo.Free version available; Premium: $5.99 p/mo; Ultimate: $8.99 p/mo.
Customer Support & ResourcesVersatile document handling with multilingual OCR.Free and open-source option, offering an affordable alternative with cloud integration.


In the landscape of PDF solutions, while each alternative offers distinct benefits, Supatool distinguishes itself with unparalleled versatility and user-friendliness.

Addressing the key limitations of Soda PDF, Supatool combines advanced editing, seamless collaboration, and robust security features. We recommend you to experience Supatool’s comprehensive capabilities, a choice that elevates your PDF management to new heights of efficiency and ease.