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7 Best Smallpdf Alternatives (2024)

Last Updated: Tue Apr 30 2024

In our search, we've found that people looking for a Smallpdf alternative often run into these problems:

  • Needing to pay for most of the advanced features.
  • Issues with converting files to different formats.
  • Limited uses in the free version of Smallpdf.
  • Ads in the free version.

If you're here, you're probably dealing with these same frustrations. We've looked into the best PDF editors out there and have picked out the 7 best alternatives to Smallpdf (that don't have these problems).

Top 7 Alternatives to Smallpdf:

1. Supatool

Supatool Overview

Supatool offers robust and comprehensive PDF management, streamlining document workflows with its advanced features. Catering specifically to professionals seeking efficient document handling, Supatool stands out in the crowded PDF editor market by combining user-friendliness with powerful tools.

Supatool Key Features

  • PDF and Document Generation: Create and manage PDFs effortlessly.

  • Editing and Annotation Tools: Advanced options for editing and annotating documents.

  • Integrated Cloud Storage: Easy access and storage of documents.

  • Batch Processing Capabilities: Manage multiple documents simultaneously.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works seamlessly across various platforms.

  • Robust Security Features: Ensures the safety and confidentiality of documents.

Supatool Pros

  • Comprehensive document and PDF management.
  • Enhanced productivity with batch processing and cloud integration.
  • Versatile editing and annotation options.
  • Robust security features for document protection.
  • Cross-platform compatibility enhances accessibility.

Supatool Cons

  • Some advanced features might require a learning curve.

Supatool Pricing:

Starter: $49 p/mo

Business: $249 p/mo

Enterprise: Custom

Smallpdf vs Supatool

Matter of DifferenceSmallpdfSupatool
Feature SetOffers basic PDF functionalities like activity tracking, annotations, batch processing.Focuses on comprehensive PDF/document generation, editing tools, and integrated cloud storage.
User Interface & ExperienceHighly intuitive with drag-and-drop functionality and an organized interface.Advanced, but may be overwhelming for new users due to its extensive feature set.
Customization OptionsLimited, with no mobile app or offline editing capability.Robust, including batch processing capabilities and cross-platform compatibility.
Pricing & PlansFree; Pro: $9/month; Team: $7/month; Business: Custom.Starter: $49/month; Business: $249/month; Enterprise: Custom.
Customer Support & ResourcesOnline-first design preferred by users, but security concerns raised.Emphasizes document protection with robust security features, enhancing user trust.

2. PDF-Xchange Editor

PDF-Xchange Editor Overview

PDF-Xchange Editor stands out as a versatile and user-friendly alternative for PDF editing and management. Offering a balance of advanced features and ease of use, it caters to both professional and personal PDF editing needs.

PDF-Xchange Editor Key Features

  • Comprehensive Editing Tools: Extensive options for modifying PDF content.

  • OCR Capability: Converts scanned documents into editable text.

  • Annotation and Markup Tools: Wide range of tools for annotating PDFs.

  • Support for Forms: Create and edit fillable PDF forms.

  • Document Security Features: Includes password protection and permission settings.

  • File Conversion Options: Convert PDFs to and from various formats.

PDF-Xchange Editor Pros

  • Extensive editing capabilities.
  • OCR feature for scanning and editing documents.
  • Robust annotation and markup tools.
  • Ability to create and edit fillable forms.
  • Strong document security features.
  • Flexible file conversion options.

PDF-Xchange Editor Cons

  • May require some time to learn all features.
  • Some advanced features are only available in the paid version.

PDF-Xchange Editor Pricing


3 USER PACK: $154.00 p/y

5 USER PACK: $254.00 p/y

PDF-Xchange Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.6/5 (133+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.7/5 (249+ reviews)

Smallpdf vs PDF-Xchange

Matter of DifferenceSmallpdfPDF-Xchange
Feature SetBasic PDF tools like compression, collaboration tools, and annotations.Extensive editing tools, OCR capability, and support for forms.
User Interface & ExperienceUser-friendly with an intuitive interface and online-first design.Offers comprehensive editing capabilities but may require time to learn.
Customization OptionsLimited, especially in offline capabilities and file type conversion.Strong customization with advanced features, though some are paid-only.
Pricing & PlansFree; Pro: $9/month; Team: $7/month; Business: Custom.Single User: $56/year; 3 User Pack: $154/year; 5 User Pack: $254/year.
Customer Support & ResourcesConcerns about document security and file handling.Strong document security features, including password protection.

3. Foxit PDF

Foxit PDF Overview

Foxit PDF stands out as an effective solution for users seeking an alternative to Smallpdf's feature limitations and subscription model. It marries efficiency with functionality, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for PDF viewing, editing, and conversion, all within a user-friendly and cost-effective platform.

Foxit PDF Key Features

  • Versatile editing tools for comprehensive PDF manipulation.
  • Cost-effective solutions compared to other PDF software.
  • Offline capabilities ensure productivity without internet dependency.

Foxit PDF Pros

  • Streamlined design facilitates ease of use across various tasks.
  • Affordable pricing model provides value for money.
  • Efficient management of heavy documentation, ideal for professional use.

Foxit PDF Cons

  • Limited free version features compared to the premium offering.
  • Mobile versions may not offer the full range of desktop functionalities.
  • Requires time to master all available features effectively.

Foxit PDF Pricing


PDF Editor Suite: $14.99 p/m

PDF Editor Suite Pro: $18.49 p/m


PDF Editor Cloud: $6.85 p/m

PDF Editor Suite: $12.78 p/m

PDF Editor Suite Pro: $16.27 p/m

Foxit PDF Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.5/5 (149+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.6/5 (912+ reviews)

Smallpdf vs Foxit PDF

Matter of DifferenceSmallpdfFoxit PDF
Feature SetBasic PDF tools like annotations and compression, suitable for everyday needs.Comprehensive editing suite with cloud integration, catering to advanced users.
User Interface & ExperienceIntuitive interface with easy navigation, enhanced by drag-and-drop functionality.User-friendly with a customizable interface, supporting multi-language options.
Customization OptionsLimited in terms of offline editing and mobile app availability.High customization, including interface tailoring and device syncing capabilities.
Pricing & PlansFree; Pro: $9/month; Team: $7/month; Business: Custom.Individuals: PDF Editor Cloud: $6.85/month; Teams: PDF Editor Suite: $14.99/month.
Customer Support & ResourcesOnline-first approach, but concerns over document security exist.Strong collaboration and security features, including password protection.

4. Qoppa PDF Studio

Qoppa PDF Studio Overview

Qoppa PDF Studio emerges as a potent Smallpdf alternative for users seeking more advanced features without the constraints of a subscription model. With its comprehensive PDF creation, editing, and batch processing capabilities, Qoppa PDF Studio offers a cost-effective solution that enhances productivity and document management efficiency.

Qoppa PDF Studio Key Features

  • Extensive document editing and OCR technology for editable text conversion.
  • Digital signature integration and interactive PDF forms creation.
  • Cloud integration for easy access and editing of PDFs from any location.

Qoppa PDF Studio Pros

  • Affordable pricing with a perpetual license option.
  • Intuitive design suitable for users of all skill levels.
  • Efficient batch processing for handling multiple documents simultaneously.

Qoppa PDF Studio Cons

  • The learning curve for new users due to advanced features.
  • Performance may lag when processing large or heavy documents.
  • Limited login access, restricting the number of devices.

Qoppa PDF Studio Pricing

STANDARD: $50 p/mo

PRO: $70 p/mo

Qoppa PDF Studio Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.5/5 (37+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 (58+ reviews)

Smallpdf vs Qoppa PDF Studio

Matter of DifferenceSmallpdfQoppa PDF Studio
Feature SetIncludes essential features like batch processing and collaboration tools.Offers advanced editing, OCR functionality, and digital signature support.
User Interface & ExperienceStreamlined and intuitive, suitable for non-technical users.Advanced interface, which may be complex for beginners but offers more features.
Customization OptionsLimited by the absence of a dedicated mobile app and offline capabilities.Extensive customization with advanced editing and form creation tools.
Pricing & PlansFree; Pro: $9/month; Team: $7/month; Business: Custom.Standard: $50/month; Pro: $70/month, catering to professional needs.
Customer Support & ResourcesSecurity concerns raised by users regarding file handling.Focuses on enhanced document security with digital signature and batch processing.


UPDF Overview

UPDF serves as a powerful alternative to Smallpdf, especially for those dealing with conversion issues and limited features in the free version. Its broad suite of tools includes comprehensive PDF editing, AI-enhanced document management, and efficient cloud synchronization, eliminating the need for advertisements and offering a more streamlined, efficient PDF handling experience.

UPDF Key Features

  • Versatile PDF conversion tools, including various file formats.
  • AI integration aids in document summarization and analysis.
  • Effective cloud synchronization supports document access on any device.


  • Offers a wide range of PDF management tools in a user-friendly package.
  • Efficient processing and high-quality conversion maintain document fidelity.
  • Strong security features ensure document privacy and protection.


  • Limited AI features for users with a perpetual license.
  • Initial learning curve may deter some new users.
  • Dependence on a stable internet connection for full functionality.

UPDF Pricing


UPDF Pro: 52.99/ Perpetual & 32.99/ Year

UPDF Pro + UPDF AI: 83.99/ Perpetual & 65.99/ Year

UPDF AI Standard: 59.00/ Year & 9.00/ Month

UPDF AI Unlimited: 99.00/ Year & 15.00/ Month

Enterprise: 89.00 / Perpetual


UPDF Pro for Individuals: 39.99/ Perpetual & 24.99/ Year

UPDF Pro for Enterprises: 69.00 / Perpetual

UPDF AI Standard: 39.00/ Year & 6.00/ Month

UPDF AI Unlimited: 79.00/ Year & 10.00/ Month

UPDF Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.4/5 (27+ reviews)

Capterra: 3.8/5 (5+ reviews)

Smallpdf vs UPDF

Matter of DifferenceSmallpdfUPDF
Feature SetFocuses on collaboration and batch processing, ideal for team-based tasks.Emphasizes simplified editing, OCR functionality, and document conversion tools.
User Interface & ExperienceKnown for its well-organized interface and online-first approach.Renowned for its intuitive, user-friendly interface suitable for quick edits.
Customization OptionsFalls short in mobile app availability and offline editing.Offers reliable OCR and cloud integration, though lacks some advanced editing features.
Pricing & PlansFree; Pro: $9/month; Team: $7/month; Business: Custom.Individual: UPDF Pro: $32.99/year; Enterprise: $89.00 (perpetual); Education discounts available.
Customer Support & ResourcesOnline usability with some concerns about data security.Strong security measures for document protection, enhancing user confidence.

6. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro Overview

PDF Reader Pro serves as an efficient and versatile PDF management tool, ideal for users looking for a balance between functionality and user-friendliness. It stands out as a practical choice in the PDF software landscape, catering to both professional and casual document handling needs.

PDF Reader Pro Key Features

  • Robust Reading and Editing Tools: Comprehensive options for PDF interaction.

  • Annotation and Markup Capabilities: Wide array of annotation tools.

  • File Conversion: Convert PDFs to various other formats.

  • OCR Technology: Efficiently convert scanned documents into editable text.

  • Form Filling and Signing: Easy handling of PDF forms and signatures.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Accessible on multiple devices and platforms.

PDF Reader Pro Pros

  • Comprehensive set of reading and editing features.
  • Extensive annotation and markup tools.
  • Versatile file conversion options.
  • Effective OCR for document scanning.
  • Convenient form filling and signing.
  • Compatible across various platforms.

PDF Reader Pro Cons

  • Advanced features might require a paid subscription.
  • Interface may seem cluttered with extensive options.

PDF Reader Pro Pricing


Free: Available

Premium License: $59.99

Permanent License: $79.99


Premium License: $224.95

Permanent License: $299.95


Premium License: $29.99

Permanent License: $39.99

PDF Reader Pro Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.7/5 (21+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 (164+ reviews)

Smallpdf vs PDF Reader Pro

Matter of DifferenceSmallpdfPDF Reader Pro
Feature SetOffers essential PDF tools like annotations and activity dashboard.Provides robust reading, editing tools, and OCR technology.
User Interface & ExperiencePraised for its drag-and-drop functionality and clear instructions.Known for comprehensive set of features, but interface may appear cluttered.
Customization OptionsLimited in terms of conversion capabilities and file type support.Versatile file conversion options, but advanced features might require payment.
Pricing & PlansFree; Pro: $9/month; Team: $7/month; Business: Custom.Individuals: Free; Premium: $59.99; Teams: Premium License: $224.95.
Customer Support & ResourcesOnline-first design but some conversion and security issues.Extensive tools including form filling and signing, with cross-platform compatibility.

7. LightPDF

LightPDF Overview

LightPDF emerges as an exceptional alternative to Smallpdf, especially for users frustrated by the need to pay for advanced features and limited format conversion options. Offering a comprehensive suite of PDF management tools for free, LightPDF excels in document conversions, merging, splitting, and editing, all within a user-friendly and accessible online platform.

LightPDF Key Features

  • Versatile document conversion capabilities, including Word, PPT, Excel, and image formats.
  • Efficient document compression and watermarking tools.
  • Intuitive interface and wide browser compatibility for ease of use across devices.

LightPDF Pros

  • Free access to a broad range of PDF tools without the need for registration.
  • Fast file conversion speeds and support for various file formats enhance productivity.
  • Cloud-based service allows for easy access and saves local storage space.

LightPDF Cons

  • Online tools require a stable internet connection, limiting offline accessibility.
  • The free version has certain limitations in comparison to the VIP version.
  • Presence of ads in the online version can be distracting for users.

LightPDF Pricing

Personal: $19.99 p/m

Business: $79.99 p/y

LightPDF Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.6/5 (11+ reviews)

Capterra: 5/5 (4+ reviews)

Smallpdf vs LightPDF

Matter of DifferenceForm BuilderAlternative
Feature SetOffers a range of features like activity tracking and batch processing.Provides simple editing tools, file conversion, and basic annotation capabilities.
User Interface & ExperienceKnown for its intuitive and well-organized interface with drag-and-drop functionality.Features an intuitive and simple editing interface, suitable for basic PDF tasks.
Customization OptionsLimited in mobile app availability and offline editing.Focused on user-friendliness, but lacks advanced editing options.
Pricing & PlansFree; Pro: $9/month; Team: $7/month; Business: Custom.Personal: $19.99/month; Business: $79.99/year.
Customer Support & ResourcesOnline-first approach with some conversion and security concerns.Offers OCR and cloud storage integration, though it may not meet complex editing needs.


Supatool stands out among Smallpdf alternatives with its comprehensive PDF management tools, advanced editing capabilities, and robust security features.

It addresses common concerns of limited functionality and ads in free versions found in other software. Its user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility make it an ideal choice for both professionals and casual users.