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7 Best Sejda PDF Alternatives (2024)

Last Updated: Thu Apr 11 2024

In our search to find an alternative option to Sejda PDF, we've identified that users often struggle with these problems:

  • Limited editing functionality.
  • Restrictions in the free version.
  • Daily usage limits.
  • Limited functionality in tools offered.
  • File processing is capped at three PDFs per hour.
  • Need for user interface improvements.
  • Limitations when accessing files from Google Drive.

If you're here, you're likely encountering these same frustrations. We've sifted through numerous PDF editors in the industry to discover the 7 top alternatives to Sejda PDF, specifically targeting these issues.

Top 7 Alternatives to Sejda PDF:

1. Supatool

Supatool Overview

Supatool emerges as a powerful alternative to Sejda PDF, specifically designed to overcome common limitations such as restricted editing, collaboration barriers, and file access issues. It offers a robust platform for PDF and document generation with advanced editing capabilities, catering to both individual and enterprise needs.

Supatool Key Features

  • Advanced PDF Editing: Rich editing tools surpassing Sejda's limited functionality.

  • Collaboration: Enables real-time teamwork, addressing collaboration issues.

  • Offline Capability: Overcomes the limitation of needing constant internet connectivity.

  • Integration: Extensive compatibility with over 100 apps, including Google Drive.

  • Cloud Storage Integration: Streamlines document management with popular cloud services.

Supatool Pros

  • Advanced editing features provide comprehensive PDF management.
  • Offline functionality ensures accessibility and continuous workflow.
  • Strong collaboration tools enhance team productivity.
  • Seamless integration with cloud services, including Google Drive.
  • User-friendly interface, addressing the need for improved user experience.

Supatool Cons

  • Can be overwhelming for new users due to advanced functionalities.
  • Potential pricing concerns for smaller entities or individuals.

Supatool Pricing

Starter: $49 p/mo

Business: $249 p/mo

Enterprise: Custom

Sejda vs Supatool

Matter of DifferenceSejdaSupatool
Feature SetOffers basic features like merging, splitting, and compressing PDFs.Advanced editing, collaboration, and offline capabilities surpass Sejda.
User Interface & ExperienceBeginner-friendly and secure, supported by multiple browsers.User-friendly with advanced features, which may overwhelm new users.
Customization OptionsLimited editing options and font choices.Rich editing tools and cloud storage integration for superior customization.
Pricing & PlansWeb Week Pass at $5, Monthly $7.50, Annual $63.Starter at $49/mo, Business $249/mo, Enterprise custom pricing.
Customer Support & ResourcesLimited to basic functions and daily usage limits.Offers more comprehensive management and integration with over 100 apps.

2. DocHub PDF

DocHub PDF Overview

For those hampered by Sejda PDF's limitations and seeking a more versatile tool, DocHub PDF provides a compelling solution. Its robust feature set, including easy text editing, electronic signatures, and comprehensive contract management capabilities, directly addresses the daily usage limits and functionality restrictions of Sejda PDF.

DocHub PDF Key Features

  • Easy text editing, adding, and erasure capabilities.
  • Comprehensive electronic signature and document distribution features.
  • Integration with workspace tools for improved efficiency.

DocHub PDF Pros

  • Ideal for businesses with frequent electronic document processing.
  • Simplifies workflow, enhancing productivity and remote work efficiency.
  • Supports team collaboration with shared workspaces and templates.

DocHub PDF Cons

  • No iOS or dedicated app version limits mobile use.
  • Some users may find challenges in editing templates and extending document signing times.
  • Customer support responsiveness and document tracking can be improved.

DocHub PDF Pricing

Free: Available

Pro: $14 p/mo

DocHub Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.6/5 (131+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.8/5 (33+ reviews)

Sejda vs DocHub PDF

Matter of DifferenceSejdaDocHub PDF
Feature SetSuitable for basic PDF tasks like merging and compressing.Efficient tools for editing, e-signatures, and template creation.
User Interface & ExperienceSimple, beginner-friendly interface with browser support.Focuses on user-friendly interface and efficient editing tools.
Customization OptionsLimited in editing and customization due to basic features.Offers more efficient editing tools and real-time cloud saving.
Pricing & PlansWeb Week Pass at $5, Monthly $7.50, Annual $63.Free version available; Pro version at $14/mo.
Customer Support & ResourcesRestrictions in the free version with daily usage limits.More accessible due to affordable pricing and seamless Google integration.

3. Foxit PDF

Foxit PDF Overview

Foxit PDF offers a swift and resource-efficient alternative to Sejda PDF, eliminating concerns related to limited editing functionality and daily usage limits. With its rapid file opening and lightweight design, Foxit ensures a seamless document management experience across all platforms, complemented by robust editing, annotation, and form-filling features.

Foxit PDF Key Features

  • High-performance PDF editing and rapid document opening.
  • Cross-platform functionality for consistent user experience.
  • Advanced document management features, including digital signatures and form filling.

Foxit PDF Pros

  • Fast, efficient performance with minimal system impact.
  • Intuitive interface simplifies both basic and complex tasks.
  • Regular updates enhance functionality and security.

Foxit PDF Cons

  • Learning curve for advanced features.
  • Some functionalities may be limited in the mobile version.
  • Occasional bugs and slow processing with large files.

Foxit PDF Pricing


PDF Editor Suite: $14.99 p/m

PDF Editor Suite Pro: $18.49 p/m


PDF Editor Cloud: $6.85 p/m

PDF Editor Suite: $12.78 p/m

PDF Editor Suite Pro: $16.27 p/m

Foxit PDF Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.5/5 (149+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.6/5 (912+ reviews)

Sejda vs Foxit PDF

Matter of DifferenceSejdaFoxit PDF
Feature SetOffers basic PDF manipulations like merging, splitting, and compression.Advanced editing suite with OCR, redaction, and multi-language support.
User Interface & ExperienceEasy-to-use, browser-supported tool suitable for beginners.Robust tools with a learning curve, but offers a more versatile experience.
Customization OptionsLimited editing and font options.Extensive editing and file management capabilities.
Pricing & PlansWeb Week Pass: $5, Monthly: $7.50, Annual: $63.Teams: $14.99-$18.49 p/m; Individuals: $6.85-$16.27 p/m.
Customer Support & ResourcesBasic customer support with daily usage limits in the free version.Competitive customer support, ideal for comprehensive PDF management.

4. Xodo PDF

Xodo PDF Overview

Xodo PDF offers a versatile alternative to Sejda PDF, particularly for users limited by editing functionality and daily usage caps. With its extensive annotation tools, offline access, and seamless cloud integration, Xodo PDF facilitates a more flexible and uninterrupted PDF management experience, free from the constraints of internet dependency and usage limits.

Xodo PDF Key Features

  • Advanced annotation options for comprehensive document review.
  • Offline functionality allows for uninterrupted PDF editing and viewing.
  • Cloud integration supports document access and storage across devices.

Xodo PDF Pros

  • Completely free to use, offering a broad range of features without cost.
  • User-friendly interface promotes ease of use across various platforms.
  • Cross-platform availability ensures accessibility on multiple devices.

Xodo PDF Cons

  • Performance may slow with large files, affecting efficiency.
  • The user experience can vary between different operating systems.
  • Limited editing capabilities in the free version compared to premium alternatives.

Xodo PDF Pricing

XODO PRO for 1: $12 p/m

Xodo Pro for multiple users: Customize

Xodo Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.4/5 (35+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.4/5 (49+ reviews)

Sejda vs Xodo PDF

Matter of DifferenceSejdaXodo PDF
Feature SetBasic PDF editing with merging, splitting, and compressing capabilities.Comprehensive editing, document management, and format conversion tools.
User Interface & ExperienceSimple, browser-based interface for ease of use.User-friendly with multi-platform availability, enhancing accessibility.
Customization OptionsLimited customization due to basic editing functions.Offers extensive management features, including OCR technology.
Pricing & PlansWeb Week Pass: $5, Monthly: $7.50, Annual: $63.XODO PRO for 1: $12 p/m, Custom pricing for multiple users.
Customer Support & ResourcesBasic support, suitable for simple PDF tasks.Effective integration with cloud services and free version availability.

5. PDFescape

PDFescape Overview

For those seeking a Sejda PDF alternative, PDFescape provides a comprehensive solution to limitations in editing functionality and daily usage caps. This web-based platform excels in document editing, conversion, and security, ensuring a flexible and user-friendly environment for managing PDFs without worrying about usage restrictions.

PDFescape Key Features

  • Editing history tracking to monitor changes.
  • Secure PDF editing to maintain document confidentiality.
  • Template use for efficient PDF creation and customization.

PDFescape Pros

  • Simple, no-download-required interface enhances usability.
  • Cloud storage compatibility allows for efficient file management.
  • Affordable upgrade options for users needing advanced features.

PDFescape Cons

  • Limited functionality in the free version compared to the premium offering.
  • Performance issues noted with high-volume or complex PDF tasks.
  • Lacks real-time collaboration features, limiting team-based document editing.

PDFescape Pricing

Free: Available

Premium: $5.99 p/mo

Ultimate: $8.99 p/mo

PDFescape Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.1/5 (66+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 (11+ reviews)

Sejda vs PDFescape

Matter of DifferenceSejdaPDFescape
Feature SetOffers merging, splitting, and compressing PDFs, with a focus on ease of use.Provides online editing, form creation, and annotation tools.
User Interface & ExperienceUser-friendly, supported by multiple browsers, suitable for beginners.Intuitive web-based interface, no software installation needed.
Customization OptionsLimited editing and font customization options.Efficient editing and annotation capabilities with password protection.
Pricing & PlansWeb Week Pass: $5, Monthly: $7.50, Annual: $63.Free version available; Premium: $5.99/mo, Ultimate: $8.99/mo.
Customer Support & ResourcesBasic support suitable for simple tasks, with daily usage limits in the free version.Offers open-source options, cloud storage integration, and budget-friendly plans.

6. iLovePDF

iLovePDF Overview

iLovePDF provides a comprehensive solution to Sejda PDF users facing daily usage limits and tool functionality restrictions. With its broad array of PDF tools, including editing, merging, and compression, iLovePDF caters to both casual and professional users seeking a balance between functionality and ease of use, all without the constraints of daily limits.

iLovePDF Key Features

  • Robust PDF editing, merging, and splitting functionalities.
  • High-quality PDF compression and format conversion capabilities.
  • Built-in annotation tools and form-filling features.

iLovePDF Pros

  • Intuitive design simplifies navigation and tool utilization.
  • Offers a generous array of features at no cost.
  • Cloud integration enhances document access and collaboration.

iLovePDF Cons

  • Relies heavily on internet connectivity for access to features.
  • The presence of ads in the free version can be distracting.
  • Some users may find the editing capabilities too basic for advanced needs.

iLovePDF Pricing

Free: Available

Premium: $4 p/mo

Business: Customize.

iLovePDF Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.6/5 (453+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.8/5 (1401+ reviews)

Sejda vs iLovePDF

Matter of DifferenceSejdaiLovePDF
Feature SetBasic PDF manipulation like merging, splitting, and compressing.Offers diverse editing tools, PDF compression, and OCR technology.
User Interface & ExperienceSimple, multi-platform interface, easy for beginners.User-friendly, available on web, mobile, and desktop, with no registration required for most features.
Customization OptionsLimited in editing and customization due to basic features.Rich toolkit for editing and management, though limited in direct text editing.
Pricing & PlansWeb Week Pass: $5, Monthly: $7.50, Annual: $63.Free version available; Premium: $4/mo, Business: Custom pricing.
Customer Support & ResourcesBasic support with limitations in the free version.Efficient document conversion options, but dependent on strong internet connectivity.

7. PDFelement

PDFelement Overview

PDFelement presents a robust solution for PDF management, offering advanced editing and conversion capabilities. It is particularly suited for users seeking a more feature-rich alternative to Sejda PDF, with an emphasis on versatility in document handling and editing.

PDFelement Key Features

  • Advanced PDF Editing: Edits PDF files while preserving original fonts and formatting.

  • Conversion Capabilities: Converts PDFs to HTML, image formats, and Office documents.

  • PDF Creation and Combination: Creates and merges multiple PDF files.

  • E-Signing: Provides functionality for electronic signing of PDF documents.

  • PDF Form Creation: Fills out and creates forms from templates.

PDFelement Pros

  • User-friendly interface, facilitating ease of use.
  • Comprehensive suite of advanced editing features, surpassing Sejda's editing limitations.
  • Versatile conversion options, enhancing document flexibility and usability.

PDFelement Cons

  • Relatively expensive, which might be a consideration for budget-conscious users.
  • Occasionally slower performance, which could impact efficiency.

PDFelement Pricing

Yearly Plan: $79.99

2-Year Plan: $109.99

Perpetual Plan: $129.99

PDFelement Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.5/5 (610+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.4/5 (419+ reviews)

Sejda vs PDFelement

Matter of DifferenceSejdaPDFelement
Feature SetBasic features like merging, splitting, and compressing PDFs.Advanced editing, PDF creation and combination, with e-signing capabilities.
User Interface & ExperienceSimple and user-friendly, ideal for beginners.User-friendly with a comprehensive suite of advanced features.
Customization OptionsLimited editing functions and font options.Extensive editing and versatile conversion options.
Pricing & PlansWeb Week Pass: $5, Monthly: $7.50, Annual: $63.Yearly Plan: $79.99, 2-Year Plan: $109.99, Perpetual Plan: $129.99.
Customer Support & ResourcesBasic support, suitable for simple PDF tasks.Offers advanced features but might be expensive for budget-conscious users.


In the realm of PDF editors, while each alternative presents its unique strengths, Supatool emerges as the standout choice. With its unmatched blend of advanced editing capabilities, seamless integrations, and user-centric design, it adeptly addresses the limitations of its competitors.

We encourage you to experience the superior functionality and efficiency of Supatool, a decision that promises to redefine your document management experience.