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Google Forms Header Image Size: What's The Right Dimension?

Last Updated: Sun Jul 14 2024

Google Forms offers a tool to customize the form's header using one of the pre-defined images or uploading your own. This guide shows you how to optimize and add header images to your forms for a robust and professional look using 4 simple steps.

Optimizing An Image To Fit The Header Size In Google Forms

Google Forms doesn’t have a fixed header size, but a 1600 x 400-pixel image with a 4:1 aspect ratio is often suggested. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Centered Design: Google Forms might alter or trim the image, so make sure important elements or text are in the middle to avoid being cut off.

  • High Resolution: Choose a high-quality image for a clear display on all devices. However, avoid extremely large files that could delay your form’s load time.

  • Trial and Error: Upload your image to Google Forms to check its appearance and make any necessary changes. You might need to modify your image’s size or the placement of content based on your design and desired focus areas.

Add And Customize A Header Image For Google Forms

Follow the steps below to add and customize a header image for your Google Form.

1 - Navigate To The Color Palette Icon

At the top right corner of the form page, click the color paint palette icon to access the header images.

2 - In the theme drop-down window, click Choose Image

When clicking the color palette icon, a theme sidebar appears. You can choose your Google Forms' text style, color, and background. To add a header image, go to the ‘Header’ and click ‘Choose Image.’

3 - Choose an image from the library or upload your header image

The subsequent dialog box appears as soon as you click ‘Choose Image.’ You are presented with three options to add a header image.

  • Select an image from the library - Google makes it easy to add a header image by offering a library of optimized images that you can select through various topics.

  • Upload an image of your own - The most popular option is to upload an image of your own. Select the upload tab to upload an appropriate image from your computer or smartphone.

  • Select an image from your Photos library - Another option is to select a photo from your Google Photos library. Remember to crop and optimize the photo according to the 4:1 aspect ratio.

It is important to keep the aspect ratio and recommended image size in mind when uploading an image from your computer or Google Photos.

Click Upload to add an image to the Google Forms. In the upload box, click ‘Browse’ to select the image file from your computer. You can also drag and drop the files in the box.

4 - Adjust The Image and Click ‘Done’

As the image loads onto the upload box, click and hold the cursor to adjust the image. Click ‘Done’ to add the image to the header.

The header image is displayed on the Google Form.



Google Form Template

This is a template for a google form. You can use this to copy the results from the tutorial.

Click here to create a copy