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How To Wrap Text In Excel

Last Updated: Tue May 14 2024

Using Wrap Text Button In The Ribbon

There are multiple ways to wrap text. The quickest way is using the ribbon at the top of the workbook. You can also use keyboard shortcut in Windows. Press ALT+H+W simultaneously to instantly wrap text. For Mac users, this shortcut will not work. Therefore, the easiest way in any system that supports excel is to use the following steps.

Step 1 - Select The Cell With Long Text

Select the cell with the text you want wrap.

A red arrow pointing towards a cell

Step 2 - Go To The Alignment Section In The Ribbon

Find The Alignment section in Excel ribbon bar.

A red arrow pointing towards a section in the ribbon bar

Step 3 - Click The Wrap Text Button

The Wrap Text button is visible in the Alignment section in Windows. For Excel in Mac OS, find the icon with ab written. Click the drop-down menu and press wrap text.

A red box indicating the wrap text drop-down menu

You can see that the text is wrapped neatly.

An image showing the wrapped text


Use The Right-Click Context Menu To Wrap Text

Another way is to right-click the cell to wrap text and select format cells. Here are the steps to wrap text through context menu.

Step 1 - Right-click The Cell To Launch Context Menu

Select the cell with long text and right-click it to launch its context menu.

A red arrow pointing at the cell to right-click accessing context menu

Step 2 - Select Format Cells Option

In the context menu, click ‘Format Cells.’

A red arrow pointing at format cells option in the context menu

Step 3 - Go To The Alignment Tab And Click Wrap Text CheckBox

Select the alignment tab in the format cells window and find the wrap text checkbox. Click the checkbox and click OK.

The first step arrow is pointing at the alignment tab while the second is pointing at the wrap text option and the third at the OK button

The text is wrapped in the cell.

An image showing the text wrapped around a cell