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How To Group Worksheets In Excel

Last Updated: Wed May 15 2024

Working with data in Excel often requires creating multiple sheets in a workbook. Going back and forth, modifying, updating, formatting, and applying formulas in each sheet is hectic and time-consuming. Excel has a grouping feature that allows users to avoid the grind by linking two or more worksheets together so that any action performed in one sheet can be automatically replicated to all the other sheets in the group. This feature is especially useful when you want to maintain consistent formatting and data across your workbook.

Here’s How to Quickly Group Multiple Worksheets in Excel

You can group any number of sheets. There is no limit. However, you must be careful when entering data in a worksheet group. Grouped actions cannot be undone. If you make a mistake while the sheets are grouped, you must correct each sheet individually.

This section shows you how to group multiple worksheets. Follow the steps below to work your way around grouping worksheets quickly.

Step 1 - Select The WorkSheets You Want To Group

You can quickly group worksheets by using the keyboard shortcut. Press Ctrl (Command in Mac) and select the sheets you want to group using the mouse left-click.

A GIF image showing Excel worksheet tabs

The sheets will be grouped automatically. You can see the group sheets tab colour turn to white. And the group suffix appears in the title bar.

A red arrow pointing towards the title bar.

You can edit all of these selected worksheets in one go. The formatting and data you enter will be consistent across the grouped worksheets. Please remember to ungroup the sheets after completing the task. This is to avoid editing sheets accidently forgetting that the sheets are grouped.


Here’s How To Group All Worksheets in Excel

Step 1 - Right-Click On Any Worksheet Tab

If you want to select all the worksheets, simply, right-click on any tab to open the context menu.

An Excel worksheet tab context menu

Step 2 - Click Select All Sheets

Click ‘Select All Sheets’ in the context menu.

A red arrow pointing at the sheet selection option in the context menu

The tab colour of all the sheets will turn white. And the ‘Group’ suffix will appear in the title bar.

An image showing the grouped worked with white tab color.

There you go. You can now make edits, or create graphs/maps across all the worksheets.