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7 Best PandaDoc Alternatives (2024) - Supatool

Last Updated: Thu Apr 11 2024

Looking for alternatives to PandaDoc in 2024? Users report stumbling over these hurdles:

  • The contract management features are not as intuitive as they could be.
  • Building templates comes with a bit of a learning curve.
  • Setting up integrations for large businesses takes a lot of time.
  • There's not much room to customize the emails that carry your documents.
  • Saving changes in templates can sometimes be glitchy.

If these issues sound familiar, you're in luck. We've carefully selected 7 top PandaDoc alternatives that are user-friendly, offer faster setups, better customization, and reliable template saving.

Top 7 Alternatives to PandaDoc:

1. Supatool

Supatool Overview

Supatool positions itself as a standout PandaDoc alternative in 2024, directly addressing user pain points with contract management and template creation. It offers an intuitive platform that simplifies integrations, enhances customization, and ensures reliability in template modifications, making document management smoother for businesses of all sizes.

Supatool Key Features

  • Intuitive Contract Management: Streamlines the creation, execution, and storage of contracts.

  • Easy Template Building: User-friendly tools to quickly create and modify templates.

  • Fast Integration Setup: Simplifies the integration process, saving valuable time for large businesses.

  • Enhanced Email Customization: Offers extensive options for personalizing document delivery emails.

  • Reliable Template Saving: Ensures changes are saved promptly and accurately.

Supatool Pros

  • Reduces the learning curve for contract management and template creation.
  • Offers quick and easy setup for integrations, catering to the needs of large businesses.
  • Provides extensive customization options for emails, adding a personal touch to communications.

Supatool Cons

  • As a comprehensive solution, new users may need some time to explore all features fully.
  • The platform's advanced customization options may require initial guidance to utilize effectively.

Supatool Pricing

Starter: $49 p/mo

Business: $249 p/mo

Enterprise: Custom

PandaDoc vs. Supatool

Matter of DifferencePandaDocSupatool
Feature SetOffers a comprehensive suite including CRM integration, guided signing, and post-completion automation.Focuses on intuitive contract management, fast integration setup, and enhanced email customization.
User Interface & ExperienceUser-friendly interface but with a learning curve for the template builder and occasional glitches.Simplifies contract management and template creation, potentially requiring time for users to fully explore all features.
Customization OptionsExtensive integration customization options but limited in email personalization and document editing.Offers advanced email customization, addressing PandaDoc's limitations, but may need initial guidance for effective utilization.
Pricing & PlansEssentials: $35/mo; Business: $65/mo; Enterprise: Custom.Starter: $49/mo; Business: $249/mo; Enterprise: Custom.
Customer Support & ResourcesExcellent customer support with regular updates, but some issues in template saving and information retention.Emphasizes reliable template saving and quick integration for large businesses, enhancing overall efficiency.

2. DocuSign

DocuSign Overview

DocuSign simplifies document management with a user-friendly interface, offering advanced customization that addresses PandaDoc’s limitations. Its intuitive platform and broad feature set streamline the signing process, making it a superior choice for those seeking efficiency and ease of use in document handling..

DocuSign Key Features

  • Intuitive navigation and document management cater to user convenience.
  • Mobile app enhances document accessibility on various devices.
  • Secure eSignature capabilities ensure legal binding and compliance.
  • Customizable fields and template creation streamline the document setup process.
  • Real-time notifications and audit trails for efficient document tracking.

DocuSign Pros

  • Its intuitive nature simplifies the transition for users seeking an alternative to complex platforms.
  • Facilitates efficient remote work and digital transaction management.
  • Reduces manual paperwork, enhancing workflow and organizational efficiency.
  • Secure compliance with major legal standards safeguards business operations.
  • Streamlined document signing processes cater to a variety of industry needs.

DocuSign Cons

  • Higher pricing may deter small businesses looking for cost-effective solutions.
  • Some plans limit the number of envelopes, impacting high-volume users.
  • Advanced features and certain integrations may incur additional costs, affecting budget planning.

DocuSign Pricing

Personal: $15 p/mo

Standard: $45 p/mo

Business Pro: $65 p/mo

DocuSign Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.5/5 (2303+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.8/5 (8514+ reviews)

PandaDoc vs. DocuSign

Matter of DifferencePandaDocDocuSign
Feature SetComprehensive document management with CRM integration and automated post-completion features.Focuses on intuitive navigation, secure eSignature capabilities, and real-time notifications for document tracking.
User Interface & ExperienceIntuitive and clean interface but faces issues like functional glitches and limited mobile functionality.Simplified user experience that's conducive for transitioning from complex platforms, though high-volume users may find envelope limits constraining.
Customization OptionsCustomizable integration options and templates, but limited direct document editing and email customization.Customizable fields and templates streamline setup, but advanced features and integrations may incur extra costs.
Pricing & PlansEssentials: $35/mo; Business: $65/mo; Enterprise: Custom.Personal: $15/mo; Standard: $45/mo; Business Pro: $65/mo.
Customer Support & ResourcesKnown for effective mobile accessibility and responsive customer support, but limited in signature authentication methods.Secure compliance with major legal standards and streamlined processes, but higher pricing might deter small businesses.

3. SignNow

SignNow Overview

SignNow stands out for streamlining enterprise-level document management, offering a user-friendly alternative to PandaDoc. Its efficient setup and extensive API integration capabilities ensure a seamless transition for users seeking improved contract management and detailed document tracking.

SignNow Key Features

  • Integration with custom software applications enhances flexibility in document management.
  • E-signing of PDF forms simplifies the transition from physical to digital.
  • Robust API versions support a streamlined integration process.
  • Excellent support and assistance ensure a smooth onboarding experience.
  • Real-time tracking of envelope usage and detailed management of signing processes.

SignNow Pros

  • Enhances productivity with its efficient document management system, streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Simplifies the e-signing process, making legal and sales documents handling more efficient.
  • Facilitates quicker contract completions, positively impacting sales and operational efficiency.
  • Offers a scalable solution that adapts to growing business needs, ensuring long-term viability.

SignNow Cons

  • Initial setup and integration may require technical expertise, posing challenges for less tech-savvy users.
  • Some users find the Stamp field and other features could be more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Limited personalization options in automated email templates restrict full branding control.

SignNow Pricing

Business: $20 p/mo

Business Premium: $30 p/mo

Enterprise: $50 p/mo

Business Cloud: $50 p/mo

SignNow Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.6/5 (1665+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.6/5 (519+ reviews)

PandaDoc vs. SignNow

Matter of DifferencePandaDocSignNow
Feature SetOffers a robust system with CRM integration, customizable templates, and post-completion automation.Integration with custom software applications, e-signing of PDF forms, and robust API support for seamless integration.
User Interface & ExperienceIntuitive user interface with a learning curve for template building and occasional functional glitches.Efficient document management with excellent support, though initial setup may require technical expertise.
Customization OptionsCustomizable templates and integrations, but limited in direct document editing and email personalization.Simplifies e-signing process, but limited personalization in automated email templates.
Pricing & PlansEssentials: $35/mo; Business: $65/mo; Enterprise: Custom.Business: $20/mo; Business Premium: $30/mo; Enterprise: $50/mo; Business Cloud: $50/mo.
Customer Support & ResourcesResponsive customer support with regular updates, but challenges in contract management and template saving.Streamlines administrative tasks and contract completions, but some features may not be as intuitive as expected.

4. Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign Overview

Zoho Sign emerges as a top PandaDoc alternative by streamlining the electronic signing process with its user-centric platform. Tailored for various business sizes, it offers comprehensive integration options and customization, simplifying contract management and enhancing mobile app functionality for on-the-go document handling.

Zoho Sign Key Features

  • Customizable forms enhance PandaDoc users' need for tailored document solutions.
  • Integrated with Zoho CRM for seamless workflow transitions.
  • Comprehensive digital contract compliance with European standards.
  • Simplified setup and intuitive platform design cater to all business sizes.
  • Advanced document tracking and automated e-sign workflows streamline contract management.

Zoho Sign Pros

  • Enhances contract creation efficiency, directly addressing PandaDoc's complexity.
  • Promotes paperless operations, supporting eco-friendly business practices.
  • Reliable and secure handling of sensitive documents reassures users of data safety.
  • Automated workflows significantly improve document turnaround times.
  • User-friendly interface facilitates a quick learning curve for new adopters.

Zoho Sign Cons

  • Some users find the customization process tedious, especially towards completion.
  • The trial period is perceived as short, limiting extensive testing for new users.
  • Occasional glitches in the UI can disrupt the user experience.
  • Integration with Microsoft products poses challenges for some users, complicating workflows.

Zoho Sign Pricing

FREE: Available

STANDARD: $10 p/mo


ENTERPRISE: $22 p/mo

Zoho Sign Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.3/5 (72+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 (37+ reviews)

PandaDoc vs. Zoho Sign

Matter of DifferencePandaDocZoho Sign
Feature SetComprehensive tool with guided signing, flexible document creation, and multi-user management capability.Customizable forms and integration with Zoho CRM, catering to European contract compliance standards.
User Interface & ExperienceUser-friendly but with a learning curve for certain functionalities and occasional loading issues.Simplified setup with an intuitive platform design, but occasional UI glitches can disrupt the user experience.
Customization OptionsExtensive customization options, but limited in email template customization and direct document editing.Tailored document solutions with advanced tracking, though some users find the customization process tedious.
Pricing & PlansEssentials: $35/mo; Business: $65/mo; Enterprise: Custom.Free; Standard: $10/mo; Professional: $16/mo; Enterprise: $22/mo.
Customer Support & ResourcesEffective mobile accessibility and continuous improvement, but challenges with contract management.Promotes efficient contract creation and automated workflows, but integration with Microsoft products can be challenging.

5. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign Overview

Adobe Sign addresses PandaDoc's customization and editing limitations by offering a user-friendly platform with extensive document management capabilities. Its secure digital signing process and robust audit trails provide a dependable solution for businesses looking to improve document security and workflow efficiency.

Adobe Sign Key Features

  • Templates and MegaSign feature for bulk sending address the need for efficient mass document handling.
  • Analytics and tracking of document views provide insights into engagement and document status.
  • Workflow wizard guides users through document sending, simplifying complex processes.
  • Drag and drop field placement allows for customizable document layouts.
  • Integrates with Adobe Document Cloud for easy document storage and management, ensuring all files are securely housed and readily accessible.

Adobe Sign Pros

  • Provides a reliable digital audit trail, crucial for legal documentation and compliance tracking.
  • Simplifies the contract sending process, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience.
  • Reduces environmental impact by promoting paperless processes, supporting sustainability efforts within organizations.
  • Ensures data privacy and protection, maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information throughout the document lifecycle.

Adobe Sign Cons

  • The pricing structure may not be suitable for all business sizes, particularly those looking for more cost-effective solutions.
  • Some features, such as analytics, could be further developed to provide deeper insights into document interactions and effectiveness.
  • Resizing input fields can sometimes appear inconsistent, leading to formatting challenges in document preparation.

Adobe Sign Pricing

Free: Available


Acrobat Standard: $22.99 p/mo

Acrobat Pro: $29.99 p/mo


Acrobat Standard for Teams: $14.99 p/mo

Acrobat Pro for Teams: $23.99 p/mo

Acrobat Sign Solutions: Custom

Adobe Sign Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.4/5 (932+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.7/5 (1157+ reviews)

PandaDoc vs. Adobe Sign

Matter of DifferencePandaDocAdobe Sign
Feature SetRobust system with electronic signing, CRM integration, and extensive customization options.Offers Templates, MegaSign for bulk sending, and analytics for tracking document views, integrated with Adobe Document Cloud.
User Interface & ExperienceIntuitive and clean interface but some learning curve for template builder and occasional glitches.Workflow wizard and drag-and-drop field placement simplify document preparation, though resizing fields can be inconsistent.
Customization OptionsCustomizable templates and document editing tools, but limited customization of document emails.Customizable document layouts with Adobe Document Cloud integration, but some analytics features could be more developed.
Pricing & PlansEssentials: $35/mo; Business: $65/mo; Enterprise: Custom.Free; Acrobat Standard: $22.99/mo; Acrobat Pro: $29.99/mo; Acrobat Standard for Teams: $14.99/mo; Acrobat Pro for Teams: $23.99/mo; Acrobat Sign Solutions: Custom.
Customer Support & ResourcesResponsive customer support with regular updates, but challenges in contract management and template saving.Reliable digital audit trail for legal documentation and compliance, but pricing may not suit all business sizes.

6. CocoSign

CocoSign Overview

CocoSign offers an intuitive platform that simplifies digital document signing, contrasting with PandaDoc's complexity. With features like secure storage, real-time tracking, and customizable PDFs, it addresses common concerns around template customization and document management efficiency.

CocoSign Key Features

  • Intuitive interface simplifies navigation and document management.
  • Real-time updates and tracking enhance coordination and oversight.
  • Secure virtual vault for document storage safeguards sensitive information.
  • Variety of templates accommodate different document types, streamlining creation.
  • "Bulk send" feature optimizes efficiency by reaching multiple recipients at once.

CocoSign Pros

  • Intuitive and easy to navigate, CocoSign makes document management accessible for all skill levels.
  • Real-time tracking of documents aids efficient coordination, enhancing workflow management.
  • Secure document storage in a virtual vault ensures the confidentiality and integrity of business documents.
  • The variety of templates simplifies document creation, catering to diverse needs.

CocoSign Cons

  • Some users may find the platform overwhelming due to its extensive features and options.
  • Limited mobile integration can be a hurdle for those heavily reliant on mobile devices for business operations.
  • The experience on mobile devices, particularly for non-tech savvy clients, could be improved for better usability.

CocoSign Pricing

Free: Available

Essential: $12 p/mo

Professional: $25 p/mo

Business: $35 p/mo

Advanced Solutions: Custom

CocoSign Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.7/5 (112+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.8/5 (48+ reviews)

PandaDoc vs. CocoSign

Matter of DifferencePandaDocCocoSign
Feature SetComprehensive tool with multi-user management, electronic signing, and attachment capabilities.Intuitive interface with real-time updates, secure virtual vault for document storage, and a bulk send feature.
User Interface & ExperienceUser-friendly design, suitable for multiple departments, but occasional difficulty in field placement.Simplified document management system, but the mobile experience could be enhanced for non-tech savvy clients.
Customization OptionsExtensive customization options for integrations, but limited direct document editing options.Variety of templates for different document types, though some users may find the platform's extensive features overwhelming.
Pricing & PlansEssentials: $35/mo; Business: $65/mo; Enterprise: Custom.Free; Essential: $12/mo; Professional: $25/mo; Business: $35/mo; Advanced Solutions: Custom.
Customer Support & ResourcesEffective mobile compatibility and continuous improvement, but challenges with contract management.Ensures data privacy and protection, but limited mobile integration can be a hurdle for mobile-reliant users.

7. Formstack Sign (formerly known as InsureSign)

Formstack Sign Overview

Formstack Sign, prioritizing simplicity in the digital signing process, directly tackles the intricacies of PandaDoc. Its user-friendly platform, equipped with customizable forms and efficient workflow tools, streamlines document management, making it a fitting choice for businesses aiming to enhance their internal operations and reduce functional bottlenecks.

Formstack Sign Key Features

  • User-friendly interface ensures ease of use for all users, from beginners to advanced.
  • Quick completion notifications keep all parties informed about the signing status.
  • Email and text reminders help reduce delays by prompting signers to take action.
  • High volume document processing capability suits businesses with large-scale signing needs.
  • Integration with agency management systems streamlines workflows for specific sectors.

Formstack Sign Pros

  • Simplifies the document signing process, making digital agreements faster and more efficient.
  • The all-in-one pricing model eliminates the need for pay-per-envelope, offering straightforward cost management.
  • Customizable forms and reminders enhance user engagement and ensure timely document completion.
  • Streamlines internal processes, significantly improving workflow efficiency and reducing manual workloads.

Formstack Sign Cons

  • System errors can occasionally cause notification glitches, disrupting the smooth flow of document signing processes.
  • The inability to edit forms mid-process may hinder flexibility and necessitate starting over for corrections.
  • UI arrangement could be optimized for efficiency, as navigating through the platform may be cumbersome for some users.

Formstack Sign Pricing

Starter: $20 p/mo

Pro: $32 p/mo

Enterprise: Custom

Formstack Sign Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.8/5 (390+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.9/5 (170+ reviews)

PandaDoc vs. Formstack Sign

Matter of DifferencePandaDocFormstack Sign
Feature SetOffers a comprehensive suite including guided signing, CRM integration, and multi-user management.Features a user-friendly interface, quick completion notifications, email and text reminders, and high volume document processing capability.
User Interface & ExperienceIntuitive interface but with a learning curve in template building and occasional functional glitches.Simplifies the document signing process with an intuitive UI, though navigation could be optimized for better efficiency.
Customization OptionsExtensive customization in templates and integrations, but limited direct document editing and email customization.Offers customizable forms and reminders, but lacks the ability to edit forms mid-process, requiring restarts for corrections.
Pricing & PlansEssentials: $35/mo; Business: $65/mo; Enterprise: Custom.Starter: $20/mo; Pro: $32/mo; Enterprise: Custom.
Customer Support & ResourcesResponsive support with continuous improvement, but challenges in contract management and template saving.Streamlines internal processes and improves workflow efficiency, though system errors can occasionally disrupt the document signing process.


To conclude, Supatool emerges as a leading alternative to PandaDoc in 2024, adeptly overcoming common challenges in contract management and template development.

By offering intuitive management features, simplified integrations, and enhanced email customization, it caters to the evolving needs of businesses, ensuring a more streamlined document management experience.

While newcomers might need time to acquaint themselves with its functionalities, the payoff in efficiency, personalization, and reliability makes Supatool an invaluable tool for any organization aiming to enhance their document workflow.