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How to save a Google Form as a PDF In 4 Steps (2024)

Last Updated: Wed May 22 2024

There are many reasons to download a Google Form. This guide shows you the easiest way to download a form in a PDF format or print it with any printer.

Here is the Easiest Way to Download A Google Form

1 - Click on More Options

Open the form you want to download. Go to the three-dotted icon at the top right corner of the form page and click it.

2 - Click Print from the drop-down menu

3 - Save the Form in PDF Format

This guide deals with downloading the Google Form. The only way to do that is to download it in a PDF format. As you click the Print link, a dialog box appears. Select ‘Save as PDF’ in the destination setting.

There are many options to customize the PDF output format. You can select the layout orientation, paper size, margins, and the scale. There are other options, too. It is best to leave the defaults and save the PDF.

4 - Select The Destination Folder On Your Computer And Click ‘save’

5 - Review The Downloaded File

Proceed to the directory on your computer where the file has been saved. Open the file to verify that it has been downloaded correctly and contains all the data from the Google Form.

Please note: Depending on the browser or device you are using, the appearance and terminology of options may slightly differ. To ensure the accuracy of these steps, you should use an updated version of your browser.