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7 Best Dropbox Sign Alternatives (2024)

Last Updated: Mon Mar 25 2024

In our research, we’ve found that people using Dropbox Sign are having the following issues:

  • Minor technical issues that disrupt the signing process.
  • Restrictions in template editing after dispatch.
  • Difficulty with accurately placing signature boxes.
  • No free version, making it hard for occasional users.
  • Confusion over SEO and branding following its rebranding.

We’ve pinpointed 7 top alternatives to Dropbox Sign that offer smoother technical experiences, flexible template editing, precise field placement, and options suitable for all usage levels, without compromising on branding clarity. Take a look!

Top 7 Alternatives to Dropbox Sign:

1. Supatool

Supatool Overview

Supatool is tailored as a superior Dropbox Sign alternative in 2024, addressing key user concerns with its innovative approach to electronic signing. It ensures a glitch-free signing experience, offers flexible template editing, precise signature placement, and includes a free version for occasional users, all while maintaining clear branding.

Supatool Key Features

  • Smooth Technical Experience: Minimizes disruptions during the signing process.

  • Flexible Template Editing: Allows post-dispatch modifications.

  • Accurate Signature Placement: Simplifies the process for placing signature boxes.

  • Free Version Availability: Supports the needs of occasional users without financial commitment.

  • Clear Branding: Maintains brand identity and clarity, even after rebranding.

Supatool Pros

  • Addresses and resolves common issues faced by Dropbox Sign users.
  • Offers options for all types of users, from occasional to heavy-duty, with clear, straightforward branding.

Supatool Cons

  • The range of features and new functionalities may require a learning curve for new users.
  • While the free version is comprehensive, more advanced features are reserved for paid plans.

Supatool Pricing

Starter: $49 p/mo

Business: $249 p/mo

Enterprise: Custom

Dropbox Sign vs. Supatool

Matter of DifferenceDropbox SignSupatool
Feature SetOffers seamless document sharing, intuitive interface, and excellent customer support.Enhances the signing process with smooth technical experiences and flexible template editing.
User Interface & ExperienceKnown for its user-friendly design and easy navigation.Prioritizes a clear branding and accurate signature placement, improving usability.
Customization OptionsCustomizable date/sign formats and color coding for signers.Allows post-dispatch modifications to templates, offering greater flexibility.
Pricing & PlansProvides tiered pricing options without a free version, potentially limiting some users.Includes a free version to support occasional users, with more advanced features in paid plans.
Customer Support & ResourcesResponsive support team noted for its helpfulness.Addresses common issues faced by Dropbox Sign users, ensuring a smooth user experience.

2. CocoSign

CocoSign Overview

CocoSign enhances the signing experience with its reliable and intuitive platform, addressing Dropbox Sign’s technical and template customization limitations. Offering flexible editing options and a straightforward setup, it streamlines document management and improves alignment and field placement processes.

CocoSign Key Features

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface encourages easy adoption and use.
  • Virtual vault for secure document storage provides peace of mind.
  • Mobile-friendly design ensures access and functionality across devices.
  • Customizable templates and "bulk send" features improve operational efficiency.
  • Real-time updates and document tracking facilitate seamless coordination.

CocoSign Pros

  • The "bulk send" feature saves time by allowing documents to be sent to multiple recipients simultaneously.
  • CocoSign's emphasis on a user-friendly interface improves the user experience, making it suitable for non-tech savvy clients.
  • Secure handling of sensitive documents through features like the virtual vault and confidential document management.
  • Enhances client relationships with stress-free document handling, leading to improved satisfaction and trust.

CocoSign Cons

  • Users may encounter difficulties with the signature process on mobile devices, highlighting the need for further optimization of mobile interactions.
  • Limited personalization options in the signing process may not meet the needs of all businesses looking for fully customized document workflows.
  • Some spam-related issues with email providers can hinder the efficiency of document delivery and notifications.

CocoSign Pricing

Free: Available

Essential: $12 p/mo

Professional: $25 p/mo

Business: $35 p/mo

Advanced Solutions: Custom

CocoSign Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.8/5 (112+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.8/5 (48+ reviews)

Dropbox Sign vs. CocoSign

Matter of DifferenceDropbox SignCocoSign
Feature SetUser-friendly interface with features like mobile signing and Slack integration.Focuses on user-friendliness with a virtual vault for secure storage and mobile-friendly design.
User Interface & ExperiencePleasant aesthetic layout and color coding for organizational ease.Intuitive interface that encourages easy adoption and use across devices.
Customization OptionsLimited template editing capabilities and some alignment challenges.Customizable templates and efficient "bulk send" features to improve operational efficiency.
Pricing & PlansTiered pricing structure with no free tier, starting at $20 p/mo.Offers a free tier for basic use, with additional plans catering to broader business needs.
Customer Support & ResourcesKnown for excellent customer support and ease of document management.Enhances client relationships with stress-free document handling and secure management.

3. SignRequest

SignRequest Overview

SignRequest stands out as a user-friendly and cost-effective alternative to Dropbox Sign, designed to enhance document management with its straightforward setup and template editing features. It caters to businesses looking for a flexible solution to streamline their digital signing processes, offering improved functionality for template management and field placement adjustments.

SignRequest Key Features

  • Simple setup and streamlined e-signature process allow quick document turnaround.
  • Affordable pricing models provide cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • Web-based platform ensures universal access, enabling remote signing from anywhere.
  • Allows for multiple signers, enhancing collaboration across teams and with external partners.
  • Bulk document sending and management capabilities support efficient handling of large volumes of documents.

SignRequest Pros

  • Implementation and document management processes are streamlined, allowing for easy setup and use without extensive training.
  • Great for sending contracts quickly and efficiently, enhancing operational productivity for sales teams and contract administrators.
  • Reliable security features ensure that the document signing process is both safe and compliant with industry standards, giving businesses peace of mind.

SignRequest Cons

  • Limited accessibility in regions with unreliable internet connections, as optimal performance depends on stable online access.
  • The absence of dedicated mobile and desktop applications restricts usage flexibility, particularly for users preferring app-based interactions over web browsers.
  • Managing bundled multiple documents for signing or sending can be cumbersome, potentially complicating the process for users with high-volume document workflows.

SignRequest Pricing

Professional: $9 p/mo

Business: $15 p/mo

SignRequest Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.6/5 (1577+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.7/5 (358+ reviews)

Dropbox Sign vs. SignRequest

Matter of DifferenceDropbox SignSignRequest
Feature SetOffers color coding for signers and prefilled PDF form uploads for ease of use.Simple setup with a web-based platform allows for remote signing and bulk document handling.
User Interface & ExperienceUser-friendly design and intuitive interface for easy document navigation and setup.Streamlined e-signature process designed for quick document turnaround and easy implementation.
Customization OptionsCustomizable date and sign formats, with secure and encrypted links for document sharing.Provides affordable pricing models and supports multiple signers for enhanced collaboration.
Pricing & PlansTiered pricing without a free version, starting at $20 p/mo.Offers cost-effective solutions with professional and business plans starting at $9 p/mo.
Customer Support & ResourcesKnown for excellent customer support and secure document handling.Streamlines sending and managing documents efficiently, with reliable security features.

4. Eversign

Eversign Overview

Xodo Sign simplifies the e-signature process, providing a comprehensive solution that surpasses Dropbox Sign with its ease of use and advanced features. Its flexible document management system and efficient handling of templates cater to a wide range of business needs, marking it as an effective tool for enhancing workflow efficiency.

Eversign Key Features

  • Intuitive capture signature system simplifies the signing process for users.
  • Low resource-intensive setup is ideal for small businesses, requiring minimal technical support.
  • Reliable performance without the need for constant intervention, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Effective for managing contracts with international business partners, supporting global operations.
  • Offers a variety of document types including PDF, Excel, and Word, enhancing versatility.

Eversign Pros

  • Secure cloud storage provides a reliable solution for managing and protecting sensitive documents.
  • Excellent customer support readily addresses queries and issues, contributing to a positive user experience.
  • Cost-effective solution for small businesses and startups, offering a scalable tool for document management and electronic signing.
  • Versatile features meet a wide range of business needs, from simple contract signings to comprehensive document management.

Eversign Cons

  • Limited document upload capabilities without a subscription may restrict usage for some users, especially those with high document flow.
  • Could benefit from a dedicated mobile app to enhance tracking and management capabilities, offering greater convenience for on-the-go users.
  • Some users may find the platform less suitable for enterprise-level needs, given its focus on small to medium-sized business solutions.

Eversign Pricing

Free: Available

Basic: $9.99 p/mo

Professional: $39.99 p/mo

Professional plus: $99.99 p/mo

Enterprise: Custom

Eversign Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.8/5 (2594+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.9/5 (2695+ reviews)

Dropbox Sign vs. Eversign

Matter of DifferenceDropbox SignEversign
Feature SetIntuitive capture signature system and low resource-intensive setup for easy use.Seamless document sharing with mobile signing and Slack integration for real-time notifications.
User Interface & ExperiencePleasant and clean website layout with easy document access and tracking.Offers a variety of document types for versatility and supports global operations efficiently.
Customization OptionsFlexible field placement and multiple signature options for personalized document setups.Secure cloud storage and versatile features for comprehensive document management.
Pricing & PlansDoes not offer a free version, with essentials starting at $20 p/mo.Free tier available, with professional plans catering to small businesses starting at $9.99 p/mo.
Customer Support & ResourcesEfficient document management with streamlined group sending and enhanced security measures.Excellent customer support and cost-effective solutions for startups and small businesses.

5. Formstack Sign

Formstack Sign Overview

Formstack Sign offers a seamless alternative to Dropbox Sign, focusing on ease of template editing and document management. Its straightforward setup, combined with features like template pre-fill and enhanced bulk sending, streamlines the signing process, catering to users looking for simplified document workflows.

Formstack Sign Key Features

  • Daily reminders and text notifications ensure that no document goes unsigned.
  • Multiple signers addition capability allows for comprehensive contract execution processes.
  • Compact and adjustable text/field sizes offer flexibility in document design.
  • Encryption for secure document signing upholds the highest standards of data protection.
  • Efficient internal communication features support seamless collaboration within teams.

Formstack Sign Pros

  • Facilitates remote work environments by offering a mobile-friendly platform that supports digital collaboration.
  • Reliable and stable platform ensures consistent performance, reducing downtime and technical issues.
  • Saves time in document processing by automating and simplifying the signing workflow.
  • Enhances client satisfaction through a simplified signing process and quick document turnaround.

Formstack Sign Cons

  • Some users experience difficulties with the start/completed button, which may not be intuitive for all clients, affecting the signing experience.
  • Limited control over text field manipulation can restrict customization options, potentially impacting the document's appearance and usability.
  • No option to attach different documents to the confirmation email, limiting communication efficiency post-signing.

Formstack Sign Pricing

Starter: $20 p/mo

Pro: $32 p/mo

Enterprise: Custom

Formstack Sign Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.8/5 (390+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.9/5 (170+ reviews)

Dropbox Sign vs. Formstack Sign

Matter of DifferenceDropbox SignFormstack Sign
Feature SetOffers seamless document sharing, intuitive interface, and robust security features.Provides daily reminders, text notifications, and encryption for secure document signing.
User Interface & ExperienceKnown for its user-friendly and visually pleasing interface.Mobile-friendly platform that supports digital collaboration efficiently.
Customization OptionsFlexible formatting options for dates and signatures, along with color coding for signers.Compact and adjustable text/field sizes offer document design flexibility.
Pricing & PlansDoes not offer a free version; pricing starts at $20 p/mo.Starter plan begins at $20 p/mo, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses.
Customer Support & ResourcesExcellent customer support known for being responsive and helpful.Stable platform with reliable performance, although some users report button usability issues.

6. OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign Overview

OneSpan Sign addresses Dropbox Sign's limitations by offering advanced security features and a robust suite of signing tools without requiring users to upgrade for access. Its reliability and comprehensive signing solutions make it a superior choice for businesses in need of secure and efficient document management.

OneSpan Sign Key Features

  • Customizable design options allow businesses to tailor the signing experience to their brand.
  • High uptime and reliable service ensure documents are signed without delays.
  • Automation of agreement workflows enhances efficiency, reducing manual administrative tasks.
  • Secure encryption of documents safeguards sensitive information during the signing process.
  • Supports mobile, desktop, and tablet platforms, providing versatility in access and use.

OneSpan Sign Pros

  • Quick receipt of packages from start to finish, facilitating faster document turnaround and improving operational efficiency.
  • Excellent customer support with expertise, ready to assist with any challenges, ensuring users can solve issues swiftly.
  • Suitable for a variety of usage platforms, including mobile, desktop, and tablet, offering flexibility in how and where documents can be signed.
  • No training required for staff, emphasizing the platform's ease of use and lowering the barrier to entry for adopting electronic signatures.
  • Increased efficiency in handling documents, making it ideal for remote work environments and streamlining administrative tasks.

OneSpan Sign Cons

  • Limitations in editing layouts on the website can restrict customization options, affecting the ability to personalize documents as needed.
  • No option to delete layouts or add additional folders may complicate document organization, leading to cluttered and less efficient management.
  • Some shared templates don't show up for other users, hindering collaboration and the sharing of resources within teams, which could slow down the document preparation process.

OneSpan Sign Pricing

Free: Available

Developer Sandbox: Free

Professional Plan: $22 p/mo

Enterprise Plan: Custom

OneSpan Sign Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.7/5 (744+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.8/5 (68+ reviews)

Dropbox Sign vs. OneSpan Sign

Matter of DifferenceDropbox SignOneSpan Sign
Feature SetComprehensive document sharing and tracking with automatic reminders and audit trails.Customizable design options and automation of agreement workflows for enhanced efficiency.
User Interface & ExperienceIntuitive interface and aesthetic website layout for a pleasant user experience.Supports multiple platforms including mobile and desktop, with high uptime and reliable service.
Customization OptionsOffers secure and encrypted links, with the ability to add multiple signers.Provides secure encryption of documents and customizable design options for branding.
Pricing & PlansTiered pricing structure starting at $20 p/mo with no free version available.Free version available, with professional and enterprise plans offering scalable solutions.
Customer Support & ResourcesKnown for quick and helpful customer support and secure document handling.Excellent customer support ready to assist with any challenges for a smooth signing experience.

7. Foxit eSign

Foxit eSign Overview

Foxit eSign, evolving from eSign Genie, enhances the e-signature experience with superior document control and editing features. Addressing Dropbox Sign's limitations, it offers advanced template pre-fill options and solves document duplication and alignment issues. Its affordability and comprehensive features make it ideal for small businesses prioritizing cost efficiency.

Foxit eSign Key Features

  • Exceptional customer support ensures users receive timely assistance for any queries or issues.
  • Integration with Foxit PDF editor provides a seamless document editing experience.
  • Labels and envelope functions enhance document sorting and organization.
  • User-friendly wizard interface simplifies the signing process for all users.
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android allows for mobile signing, increasing accessibility and convenience.

Foxit eSign Pros

  • Simplifies the contract signing process, significantly reducing the hassle associated with traditional paperwork.
  • Quick document processing accelerates the time to complete signings, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • High level of document security ensures that all transactions are protected and confidential.
  • Streamlines workflow, making it easier to manage and organize documents effectively.
  • Practical for document organization, helping users maintain order and accessibility within their document management systems.

Foxit eSign Cons

  • Limited integration capabilities with some business management systems may hinder seamless workflow transitions.
  • Workflow delays can occur due to challenges in integrating Foxit eSign with existing business processes, potentially slowing down operations.
  • Issues with notification settings may lead to missed updates or over-notification, affecting user experience.

Foxit eSign Pricing

eSign: $96 p/y

eSign Pro: $300 p/y

Foxit eSign Customer Ratings and Reviews:

G2: 4.6/5 (1316+ reviews)

Capterra: 4.8/5 (696+ reviews)

Dropbox Sign vs. Foxit eSign

Matter of DifferenceDropbox SignFoxit eSign
Feature SetOffers seamless document sharing, intuitive interface, and excellent customer support.Exceptional customer support and integration with Foxit PDF editor for a seamless editing experience.
User Interface & ExperienceKnown for its user-friendly design and easy navigation for document setup.User-friendly wizard interface simplifies the signing process, with compatibility across iOS and Android.
Customization OptionsCustomizable date and sign formats, along with color coding for signers.Provides labels and envelope functions for enhanced document sorting and organization.
Pricing & PlansTiered pricing structure starting at $20 p/mo, with no free version available.Offers annual pricing with eSign starting at $96 p/y, providing a cost-effective solution for users.
Customer Support & ResourcesResponsive and helpful support team ensures users can navigate and use the platform easily.High level of document security and streamlined workflow for managing and organizing documents effectively.


To sum up, Supatool shines as a premier Dropbox Sign alternative in 2024, successfully tackling the issues that users frequently encounter.

Its commitment to a seamless technical experience, flexibility in template editing, accuracy in signature placement, and the inclusivity of a free version set it apart.

While adapting to its comprehensive feature set may take some time, the benefits are clear.

Supatool not only meets but exceeds user expectations, providing a robust, user-friendly solution that caters to a wide range of document signing needs.